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This had the additional benefit of eliminating the electrolytic bypass capacitors — a philosophy which is in accord with much of contemporary thinking. Improved smoothness and texture, with a more fluid sound. The 2N and 2N are preferred if one or the other can be found over the BD, due to their higher gain. For the first time I can see why the amplifier is so highly 22n697. Though Tim was happy with the results, he was keen to see if further improvements could be made to the sound quality and I was pleased to be able to suggest various circuit modifications, the majority of which subsequently proved to be very worthwhile.

I want to hear, with ease, the ambient signature of the recording venue, with a distinct impression of the space between its walls. It seemed that a JLH Class-A with a reduced supply rail voltage and a higher quiescent current would be ideal. However, one of the main benefits of the ccs is that the output dc dataheet variation as the amp warms up is greatly reduced. During the past few years a number of datasheeg designs have been published for domestic audio amplifiers. We both have no clue why this is so.

From feedback I have received, higher quiescent currents tend to sound better so you may wish to bias the compromise between voltage and current accordingly whilst keeping the power dissipation in the output transistors at a safe level. The MJ’s bass is both tauter and vatasheet authoritative, with cleaner treble and greater textural detail. Having previously bypassed the standard grade electrolytics with Elna “Silmic” uF with little, if any improvement, this time the original capacitors 30,uF per rail were replaced entirely with “Silmics” 18,uF per rail.

After several hours of listening I found out that the amp is very detailed, doesn’t tire out the ears and controls the bass better than my Quad Well the amp has now been in use for 16 years used on an almost daily basis without a single fault or modification. It was therefore surprising to discover, in the event, that there were discernable differences between the valve and the three class B transistor units.


R1, R2 and C1 in the original have been deleted.

2N Transistors – 2 in stock to buy, photo, pdf datasheet, rfq, obsolete

I wondered how the version would sound to my ears. Wanting to try something else, and now with the strong impression that the 2Ns were less than ideal, I tried some MJs. Suitable transistors Some experiments were made to determine the extent to which the circuit performance was influenced by the type and current gain of the transistors used.

If a valve is persistently over-driven, the heating of the anode may cause the metal to out-gas. The major advantage of amplifiers of this type is that the normal static power dissipation is very low, and the overall power-conversion efficiency is high. The value of the blocking capacitor in the feedback circuit C3 or C4 can be usefully increased to reduce the low frequency distortion of the amplifier. Think of the loudness controls of yesteryear. During the last few months, Geoff and I seemed to have a continuous hotline of e-mails about the progress I made in building a second JLH.

I have resolved that this probably has a lot to do with music choice – they listen to a lot of female cabaret stuff which is fairly light in musical texture, not too much outside the midrange and not a lot going on at the same time – avoiding intermodulation and bass problems datasheeet test equipment out on rock and classic. This gives the easiest possible physical construction i. There would seem no good reason why this could not also be done using MJs. Once they were noticed, they tended to become more apparent on protracted periods of listening.

Both amplifiers stay way ahead of dahasheet transistor competition that I know of. As this section is about my impressions of the modifications that have been made to the circuit, a brief word on what I consider to be an “improvement” might be in order.

2N697 Datasheet

In view of this, it is suggested that these should be an MJ or 2N, used in conjunction with a 2N or, better still, a 2N Original 10W Class-A design is still valid, but the power devices are now obsolete. Several 2h697 values have increased to modify the low frequency -3dB point and to reduce low frequency distortion.

The transistor used as Tr5 requires to be somewhat more massive than that used for Tr3 since the mean collector current is twice that of Tr3 and the maximum voltage and current occur simultaneously. VR1 and VR2 are adjusted to give equal but opposite voltages on the supply rails and to give the required volt drop across the pass transistors of approximately 3V.


Sounds better, more open, more airy, tauter bass, etc than my old and trusted C-coupled version. Page 1 of 8 Electronics World, September In general, the transformer datasheft the most difficult and expensive part of the system to design and construct. Also, I had received reports that certain s oscillated due to the low current conditions under which they were being operated.

The use of a resistor, as in Fig. All in all, the Williamson was a hard act to follow. A much greater improvement was obtained when separate regulators were provided for each amplifier, whilst retaining a common transformer, rectifier bridges and reservoir capacitors.

In particular, the use of a ccs for quiescent current adjustment obviates the need for a high power preset, which can datashet be hard to find.

2N697 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

dataseet I suggest a value of between 1uF and 2. I treated the requirement as if it were for a typical industrial control system. A slight “mumbling” quality has been removed. The output capacitors have been removed.

Improving performance With regard to the original 10W design, as published, I feel the following improvements will be beneficial: Circuit design The first amplifier circuit of which the author is aware, in which a transformerless transistor design was used to give a standard of performance approaching that of the “Williamson” amplifier, was that published in Wireless World in by Tobey and Dinsdale.

The MJ gave a similar improvement to the MJ, but without the hum, and so was retained datashete future use. Attention has been drawn to some obscurities in the original article datahseet to certain possible improvements in the design. This is, unfortunately, the penalty which must be paid for class A operation. I acquired the newer version of the JLH on loan from a friend.

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Since the main problem in the design of valve audio amplifiers lies in the difficulty in obtaining adequate performance from the output datasyeet, and since modern transistor circuit techniques allow the design of power amplifiers without output transformers, it seemed 2n97 to aim at a somewhat higher standard, 0. Why change something more than is strictly necessary?

It should be emphasized that the differences observed in these experiments are small, and unlikely to be noticed except in direct side-by-side comparison.