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AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). OPR: HQ SSG/ILSPD (MSgt Kerwin Washington). Certified by: HQ SSG/ILS (Col Jon Dittmerr). Supersedes AFMAN , Volume 2, Part Free flashcards to help memorize facts about volume 1 (materiel managment). Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games.

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FirstSergeants provide sound advice to commanders on a wide range of topics including morale, discipline,mentoring, well being, recognition programs, and the professional development of enlisted members.

Organizations without a Squadron Superintendent will assign duties referenced above to theOperations Officer. Ifno qualified candidates meet this requirement, SSgts who have completed 7-level upgrade actionsmay be appointed by commander waiver.

Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander. Troubleshoots and resolves all system related issues. Attach binlabels and markings that indicate the warehouse locations. Responsible for stocking, storing, issuing,and inspection management of DoD supplies and equipment. Acts as SATS administrator. acm

Volume 2 Chapter 1

Accountable Officer responsibilities and signature authority are non-delegated requirements. Responsible for all the warehouse surveillance type programs shelf-life, functional check, TCTOs, etc…. Perform causative research and resolve all inventory discrepancies.


Submit follow-up to LRS for requisitions with unacceptable status or unacceptableestimated delivery dates. Refer to the various chapters withinthis manual for detailed procedures and processes for all duties not specifically mentioned. Prepare inputs for condition and identity changes on items in storage, when necessary.

This section specifies the responsibilities and dutiesof the flight commander, the flight superintendent and each subordinate section and element. Prepare and publish inventory schedules for all categories of property outlined in Chapter 10,Table 10C The SOW will alsoinclude those specified actions the Contractor will not be obligated to perform to or support like, but notlimited to, Government-Furnished Property and services. Provide home-station training and use of degraded operation processingto ensure hands-on experience for LRS personnel.

May delegate, in writing, non-Accountable Officer review and signature authority to theflight commander or flight superintendent.

Pass complete!

Maintain a working knowledge of functional manpower requirements, manning levels, andwork with respective flight leadership to address staffing concerns. Retrieved from ” http: Customer SupportLiaison and Equipment Accountability.

MSL responsibilities include quarterly visits to maintenance work centers; providing 23-10 maintaining bench, operating, and shop stocks; and assisting users in resolving any materielmanagement related problems.

This section describes the role and responsibilities of satellite LRS Commanders,and satellite supply operations officers.

Volume 2 Chapter 1 | AFMAN Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Establish and conduct an effective training program to make sure that each individual adm followingcurrent procedures. Coordinate with maintenance work centers to identify components for which there is nobase level repair or diagnostic capability. Satellite supply accounts are not authorized a deputy satellite Logistics ReadinessSquadron Commander. When authorized, commanders may delegateadministrative control of all assigned members by appointing a squadron section commander on specialorders.


Conducts squadron deployment briefings.

Manage ILS-S database operations according to the series instructions as covered in Parts4, 6 and 8. Reviews personnel readiness information to ensure personal affairs are in order at all times.

Monitor status of back-ordered requisitions. Provide assistance to storage activities as applicable. This section is responsible for the centralized managementand decentralized execution of core squadron systems i. Retain the technical order data when retagging items. Customer Support Section serves as the materiel managementliaison and equipment accountability authority for wing customers. FSC supports maintenance by providingcontrol of all items requiring repair or replacement.

Responsible for all Funds Management functions. Respond to customer logistics concerns andproactively anticipates problems 23-1110 could stand in the way of wing units fulfilling mission requirements.