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AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). OPR: HQ SSG/ILSPD (MSgt Kerwin Washington). Certified by: HQ SSG/ILS (Col Jon Dittmerr). Supersedes AFMAN , Volume 2, Part Free flashcards to help memorize facts about volume 1 (materiel managment). Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games.

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Refer toand series instructions for detailed deployments, distribution and vehicle management procedures andprocesses. Military QA evaluators must be a TSgt or higher and possess at least a 7-skill level. MSL monitors the overall maintenanceand materiel interface, resolves materiel support problems, reviews reports and coordinates materielmanagement related training needs for decentralized material support personnel. Responsible for the maintaining the M The OC contains the following processes: However, if the squadron commander elects to identify such an individual asthe Squadron Superintendent, the following applies: Ifno qualified candidates meet this requirement, SSgts who have completed 7-level upgrade actionsmay be appointed by commander waiver.

Establish a suspense system and follow-up to ensure correspondence isreceived and acted on.

Prepares and submits change requests for RSP authorizations. Initiate inputs to add, change, or delete warehouse locations on item records. This section consists of two elements: Recommends, in coordination with the UDM and squadron leadership, assignment of squadronpersonnel to deployment positions for commander approval and coordinates on all AEF taskings.

Provide materiel management training to materiel management personnel outside the LRS. Unserviceable items are afmna from the time the faulty part is removed until it is repaired,designated not repairable this station, or condemned. The general roles and responsibilities of these activities are explained in this chapter,while specific responsibilities are afmah throughout the manual.


Reviews personnel readiness information to ensure personal affairs are in order at all times. Establish and maintain the final identification of items received, stored, issued, shipped,and transferred. MSL responsibilities include quarterly visits to maintenance work centers; providing guidancefor maintaining bench, operating, and shop stocks; and assisting users in resolving any materielmanagement related problems.

Theflight includes the following sections: These items include common items, special clothing, field equipment, etc. This section describes the role and responsibilities of satellite LRS Commanders,and satellite supply operations officers. Maintain a working knowledge of functional manpower requirements, manning levels, andwork with respective flight leadership to address staffing concerns. FirstSergeants provide sound advice to commanders on a wide range of topics including morale, discipline,mentoring, well being, recognition programs, and the professional development of enlisted members.

Pass complete!

Conducts squadron deployment briefings. Advises the squadron training manager to ensure the effectiveness of squadron enlisted onthe-job training programs. Take action to see that items are correctly identified. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Volume 2 Chapter 1

Ensure that all items are stored and handled according to DoD and AF technical orders, manuals, anddirectives. When authorized, commanders may delegateadministrative control of all assigned members by appointing a squadron section commander on specialorders.

Section 2B describes the role and responsibilities of satellite LRS Commanders, andsatellite supply operations officers. Civilian QA evaluators must have experience in the functional discipline they areresponsible for evaluating. Focuses on centralized oversight of critical squadron programs, many of which are executedat the flight level.

Logistics Readiness Squadron Organization. Satellite supply accounts are not authorized a deputy satellite Logistics ReadinessSquadron Commander.

Coordinate with customers to obtain mission impact statements to substantiate supplyassistance requests. Submit system specific requirements to execute computer rotation plan.

Free Military Flashcards about AFMAN

The commander also determines and pursues funding, facilities and equipmentneeded to perform mission. This section ensuresstandardized, repeatable, technically compliant process execution, while promoting a culture of professionalexcellence and personal responsibility, in accordance with AFILogistics ComplianceAssessment Program LCAP and other relative instructions. Review the list at least semiannually.


Retrieved from ” http: OC provides oversight of squadron compliance, training resources, accountability and analysis. Responsible for amfan with Afmaan conduct document control functions, customersupport, research and base level records maintenance, base level stock afmwn functions, bench stockmanagement, and customer feedback; troubleshoot all materiel management concerns; manage andissue SATS customer records, and manages the Zero Overpricing Program.

In addition to the other functional responsibilities,the commander has the following materiel management related responsibilities: Aligns under the squadron commander and functions as a key advisor amfan a broad range ofoperational, readiness, and enlisted human resource concerns.

Provide home-station training and use of degraded operation processingto ensure hands-on experience for LRS personnel. Ensure the rotation of personnel outside of the LRS is limited to no more than 3 years in orderto assure the retention of core materiel management competency skills.

Manage flight programs such as rejects, document control, asset redistribution, etc. Equipment Accountability Element serves asthe base equipment review and authorization activity and manages all equipment items with the exceptionof vehicles.

Inform maintenance personnel of errors so they can correct their records or initiate othercorrective action. Prepare and publish inventory schedules for all categories of property outlined in Chapter 10,Table 10C Make sure the tags, labels, and markings, which arman identity and condition, areattached to property.

Coordinate with maintenance work centers to identify components which have repaircapability.