Section 1. 7. Section 2. Section 3. Copyright As Brumas de Avalon, Volume 2 · Marion Zimmer Bradley Snippet view – As Brumas de avalon. Title, As Brumas de Avalon, Volume 2. As Brumas de Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley · Série ficção e experiencia interior. Author, Marion Zimmer Bradley. A Rainha Suprema é o segundo volume da estrondosa obra ‘As Brumas de Avalon’. Após a coroação de Artur, este não tem um momento de descanso.

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Arthur marries the timid but dutiful Gwenhwyfar, while ongoing wars with the Saxon invaders continue to rage accross the land.

Avalon and the Goddess for the win! Read it about a dozen or more times. She also maintained a large family of writers at her home in Berkeley. To ask other readers questions about The High Queenplease sign colume.

The High Queen (The Mists of Avalon, #2) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The most positive thing I can say about this book on CD is that the reader, Davina Porter, is most excellent. Greyland also claimed that she was not the only victim and that she was one of the people who reported her father, Walter H.

Her self hatred breaks my heart every time, and I keep hoping there’s something good stored for her later xD I love how the author manages to give each character their own distinct personality and voice, and their own personal worries and concerns. Breen, for child molestation.

My best regards, Matina P. In a last bid for peace, Arthur compromises his loyalty to Avalon by carrying the Christian banner into battle. Refresh and try again. View all 3 comments.


Zimmer Bradley, was a huge help everything came I was kind of worried when I picked this book up I wouldn’t remember what happened in dde first one of the series. However, and this is the ridiculously funny part, view spoiler [ she ends up asking Morgaine to use her magic and make her get pregnant.

The High Queen

Unfortunately Continuing the Mists of Avalon series retelling the legends of King Arthur from the point of view of the women in the stories. Although she particularly encouraged young female authors, she was not averse to including male authors in her anthologies. This book was at the same time glorious and annoying as hell. Each of these women might be connected to Arthur but their world doesn’t revolve around him, and it’s really their tale we read here, and not Arthur’s.

But the other women in the stories?

Book 2 focuses more on the marriage of Arthur to Gwenhwyfar the welsh spelling and the influence that Gwenhwyfar has upon Arthur as she tries to convince him to break his vow to Avalon and declare his kingdom to be Christian. I volumw I read that one about five years ago.

Avalon Series

AudiobookUnabridged – Library Ed13 pages. I’ve found this particular installment quite difficult to get through, as Guinevere is a most insufferable character with little to nothing to say. She’s always so scared of everything, so insecure, always holding on to religion as her comfort, her saviour, her everything, and she’s always thinking of herself as a sinner and asking for forgiveness, and crying and bla bla bla.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. See 2 questions about The High Volkme. Depressa e bem, aqui vou sa caminho da leitura ou, mais exactamente, da releitura do Rei Veado.

As Brumas de avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley – Google Books

Her story The Planet Savers introduced the planet of Darkover, which became the setting of a popular series by Bradley and other authors. But Gwenhwyfar brumaz, I loved the whole story and Morgaine is still my favourite character. Early in her career, writing as Morgan Ives, Miriam Gardner, John Dexter, and Lee Chapman, Marion Zimmer Bradley produced several works outside the speculative fiction genre, including some gay and lesbian pulp fiction novels.

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Ms Bradley was editing the final Sword and Sorceress manuscript up until the week of her death in September of Don’t forget to make her suffer, thank you.

I was kind of worried when I picked this book up I wouldn’t remember what happened in the first bdumas of the series. She is supposed to represent the biggest Catholic supporters, and she condemns everyone that doesn’t believe the same things she does. I loved the wise sayings of Merlin and of Morgaine, of course. Bradley took an active role in science-fiction and fantasy fandom, promoting interaction with professional authors and publishers and making several important contributions to the subculture.