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Her mother, teary and happy, fussed over her daughter, and all the sheep and rams gathered around to witness the wonder. Aska claimed that no one in their family had ever been anything but a docile sheep-housewife.

And once she started to move, she continued to repeat just the same steps with the horrible feeling that she must not stop because if she allowed just a brief interval between her steps, death would surely enter through this small opening. Thinking like this, the wolf followed the lamb, stopping when she stopped and moving whenever she speeded up the movements of the dance. Such insight is revealed to us only during momentous and exceptional events such as this one in which Aska danced her movements having already lost the life she had.

The shepherds ran to find Aska unconscious. They went slowly and carefully. At first, her mother strongly opposed the idea, providing many reasons against it, each one more convincing than the last.

Aska i vuk – Ivo Andrić • BookLikes (ISBN)

When the shepherds ico the woeful voice of Aja and sensed the apprehensive mood passing through the flock, they selected among themselves two younger men and sent them into the woods for the lost, wayward askka. She had no injuries, but she was lying on the forest grass as if dead.

One day, after Aska had passed her classes with only modest success, she stood before her mother and told her that she wanted to go to ballet school.

He was incredulous if wolves can be said to be capable of doubting as well as suspicious which wolves are quite capable of of a trap: The wounded wolf had only enough strength to walk a hundred steps while his wound was still fresh. The cagey, cool, and proverbially wary wolf, who was afraid of neither people nor animals, was at first surprised.

Fuk that was the limit of her knowledge and skills. Just as they entered deeper into the forest and climbed a small hill, they saw in front of them a bizarre sight.


Who knows if this world, since its beginnings, has ever seen what the modest and nameless woods above the Sloping Meadows saw that day? Aska never talked about her encounter with the beast, or about her dance in the forest. They easily finished him off.

She then progressed to the figures she had learned without the support of a ballet barre in the middle of the school hall. Surely, it was the only firearm on the Sloping Meadows, and it served more to raise the fortitude and confidence of the shepherds than to be a real threat to the wolves. The forest echoed, and frightened birds flung down the dry leaves. She then repeated the steps, fearing that she might lose Weight Exercise some power and beauty by repeating them.

Then, when she arrived at one of the fields——she found herself suddenly face to face with an awful wolf. But her abilities and knowledge were limited zska just that.

It was only in physical education that she continuously excelled with high marks. I can tear her apart at any moment, whenever I would like.

She wondered what, after all, could be so wrong with art? Taken by the freshness of the day and the beauty of the delicious grass, she journeyed to the far edge of the beech woods and even into them. One of u had only an old bludgeon, but a stout one, and the other carried a rifle, if we could even call it that. Aja was full of fear and wondered how this child of hers, and a girl at that, came to be so stubborn and restless.

The plodding step and fixed gaze of the old wolf, the perpetual, invisible butcher of her flock, followed her.

Aska i vuk

This previously unknown feeling of wonder uvo penetrated the wolf that this forsaken lamb, terrified of death, dragged anric wolf along with her as if she were towing him with an unseen rope tethered to an invisible ring fastened on his snout. The back of his body was now completely deadened, but he pawed the ground with his front legs, rolling his head and baring his fangs.

His fur, green and brown, made it possible for him to blend easily with the autumn beeches and dry grasses. The older one was carrying the white lamb. Aja, asja big ewe with thick fleece and round eyes, gave birth to her first lamb, who looked like all newborns, a fist of damp wool starting to bleat.


She performed newer and newer figures, figures that no school and no ballet asks had ever before imagined. They were small, modest steps for a body destined to die soon, but they were enough to befuddle for a moment the astonished wolf.

When Aska came to the tree line, suddenly changing the character and the rhythm of her dance, and the wolf was still standing in the field, turned sideways to the observers, the older shepherd took off anric musket, aimed, and fired.

They came to the edge of the forest and hesitated a bit, wondering in which direction to move.

Aska and the Wolf

There was great joy on the Sloping Meadows. Then arose another wonder: She could make two or three figures as they were meant to be performed and she did them with dread. Aska finished the first class of ballet school with the highest marks and was about to begin the second class. We do not know what strength or what possibilities lie hidden in any living creature. When she thought that the wolf was coming to an awareness of who he was and what he was, Aska hastened her dancing and courage.

And in vain she tried to remember something more that she could do to overcome the event that awaited her at the end. This gave the terrified Aska a tiny bit of time, when she thought there was none left, and the time was so short that it did not seem like time at all. Still today, after many years, this famous ballet is performed on stage where art and the will to resist prevail over all evils, even death. Aska was feeling as if there were a hundred lives inside her, and she used all their strength to preserve the one life that she had and that was already past regretting.

No sheep from a good family had ever followed such a path, and so on. The younger one had tied the back legs of the wolf together and k dragged his bloody, long body down the hill.