Our 33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave, available in Classic and Autofill versions, is ideal for laboratory research and is low in water. Have a question about Autoclaves, Sterilizers or Steam Generators? Our FAQ page has the answers. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Astell offer training to operators, and this is a service I recommend to ensure.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Astell UK

The chamberis maintained at this temperature by the controller. Models without printer reset to See manual part No. A Circular Dial Pressure Gauge is provided on all models. It will not be possible to enter values below this figure.

BSL3 is generally hazardous waste containing pathogens that are potentially harmful. Service calls during the warranty period which in view of the manufacturer aastell caused by the incorrect type, use or fitting of paper will incur service charges. Additional data is also present.

Autoclavw – Heaters in chamber litres. Do not alter configuration settings without a full understanding of the implications and effects of the changes.

The system cannot be started unless the closure is fully secured. Allows an Astell Service Engineer remote access to the unit’s touchscreen controller, e. The display will show the following sequence: Does a top loading, non-Autofill autoclave need to be filled manuxl each use? Not applicable for Instrument Sterilizer cycles- these are not mains water fill. Turns ON the RS communications option. Actual cycles that astelp required for particular loads may well differ from the ones shown here.


manuxl The 33 to 63 litre front loading ‘Benchtop’ autoclaves are available in two versions. On this model this is not available and non-hazardous but incorrect operation will result. How many programs can be set on the controller? It also offers the ability to save cycle logs to a server or over FTP for backup. If not used for liquids at allit may be set to 99C.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Autoclave service and maintenance – advice from the experts

Further details can be provided on request. To ensure long record life for the standard paper supplied it is best to take a clear Photocopy before archiving the printout.

Select and Start the cycle Throughout the cycle the display shows Temperatures, Times, and other cycle stage information. The water inlet is controlled by a level switch and complies with water bylaw regulations. Directives and will void the CE mark.

The temperature then falls naturally back until the temperature control system takes over control when the temp falls below the set sterilizing temperature, and will maintain it at that point through the sterilize stage.

This runs at excess temperature and pressure. Yes we supply a full selection of original equipment spare parts for our autoclaves. AMB – Ecofill 33 litres Model: The existing Title is shown on the top line, and each Character of the title is selected in turn and shown in the bottom right – hand corner of the display. Is it possible to limit various cycles to a given operator?


In fact Astell regularly supplies its compact sterilizers for use in scientific research, process manufacturing, veterinary and medical healthcare industries to name but a few. Also, periodical blow-down of the steam generator if fitted is strongly recommended. Please keep a note of these displays ; You may be asked to quote these to assist the Astell service dept. Since load heat-up rate depends upon the difference between load and chamber temperatures this increases the rate of heatup of the load by a significant and useful factor.

If ON only the supervisor may select Programs, via the Key button. This is a safety measure which forms an additional door interlock. Sign up for news.

Autoclave service and maintenance – advice from the experts | News | Astell UK

When cooled the chamber may be safely opened. It is advisable to tear off the printout before the door is opened. Note – Spares are available from your sevice dept.

If pressing the key does not have the desired effectkeep pressing for up to 2 seconds. Load the paper roll as in FIG.