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Introducere 15″ – MP3 – KB. Come Sing with me!

And feel you are singing to His listening presence right within you and around you everywhere Pray with me With the deepest devotion of your soul! With the opening of the earliest dawn and the lotus-buds, my soul softly opens in prayer to receive Thy light.

Bathe each petal of my mind with Thy radiant rays! I saturate myself with the perfume of Thy presence, and I wait to waft with the breeze the aroma of Thy message of love to all. Bless me, that with the spreading dawn I may spread Thy love everywhere. Bless me, that with the awakening dawn I may awaken all souls with my own and bring them to Thee. The day is done. Refreshed and sanctified with the sunshine of the day, I pass through the portals of evening, dimly adorned with faint stars, to enter into the temple of silence and worship Thee.

I worship Thy Spirit of approaching calmness.

What prayers shall I offer, for I have no words to offer Thee? I shall light a little fire of devotion on the altar of my soul. Will that light suffice to bring Thee into my dark temple—my dimly lighted temple, dark with my ignorance? I crave, I yearn for Thee! From the dephts of aytobiografia, When you ascend the spiral stairway of wakefullness, Be sure autoiografia whisper: God is the food, And when you break your fast Of nightly autobiogdafia from Him, Taste Him and mentally say: No matter where you go, let the spotlight of your mind Ever keep turning on God; And in the battle din of activity let your silent war-cry be: When boisterous storms of trials shriek And when worries howl at you, Drown their noises by loudly chanting: When your mind weaves dreams with threads of memories, Then on that magic cloth always emboss: Every night, in time of deepest sleep, When your peace dreams and calls: And your joy comes singing evermore; Always inwardly chant: In waking, eating, working, dreaming, sleeping Serving, meditating, chanting, divinely loving, Let your soul constantly hum, unheard by any: Introducere 20″ – MP3 – KB.

I autobiogracia praying the Prayer at night.

Pray with me with the deepest devotion of your soul! With closed eyes, I sit in the temple of night and worship Thee.

The sunlight, revealing a million alluring things, has vanished. One by one, I have closed the doors of my senses, lest the fragrance of the rose, or the song of the nightingale, distract my love from Thee. I am alone in this dark, dark temple.

I have left everything, but where art Thou? Darkness is haunting; but, unafraid, I am groping, seeking, crying for Thee.


Wilt Thou leave me alone? The door of my memory swings open. Throbbingly thrilled, my heart looks for Thee, but I find Thee not. Ye throng of a million thoughts and experiences past! Come not into my sacred temple. I close the bursting, thought-pressed door and run everywhere to find Thee. Darkness deepens, and as I sit still, in anguish of despair, I behold a little taper of concentration burning within me. I stand up, and madly rush through the dimly lighted temple—the farther I go, the deeper grows the gloom.


I clasp the empty darkness in hope of seizing Thee. Finding Thee not, I return again, and see the taper dimly burning. I sing outwardly a loud prayer. My large teardrops, and my strong gusts of prayer almost extinguish the taper.

I will pray no more with words nor rush or run about in the temple of Stygian darkness, nor drown the taper with my tears. I will sit still, and command my breath to make no sound. I rebuke my boisterous love for Thee. The taper of meditation burns brighter now.

I cannot worship Thee with words, but only with wistful yearning. Brighter the light grows: I behold Thee now. As night hides everything, I will worship Thee in hidden silence. I am glad with the joy of all minds. I will use the screen of the night to hide myself from the tempting things of the day. O Night, when I am worried, throw thy veil of silent darkness around me. Create a dark temple for me wherever I go, that I may invoke and call Him, whom I love, at any time, anywhere, everywhere.

I fled Him, down the nights and down the days; I fled Him, down the arches of the years; I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears I hid from Him, and under running laughter. But, if one little casement parted wide, The gust of his approach would clash it to: Fear wist not to evade, as Love wist to pursue.


I said to Dawn: Be sudden — to Eve: Be soon ; With thy young skiey blossoms heap me over From this tremendous Lover– Float thy vague veil about me, lest He see! I tempted all His servitors, but to find My own betrayal in their constancy, In faith to Him their fickleness to me, Their traitorous trueness, and their loyal deceit. To all swift things for swiftness did I sue ; Clung to the whistling mane of every wind. But whether they swept, smoothly fleet, The long savannahs of the blue ; Or whether, Thunder-driven, They clanged his chariot ‘thwart a heaven, Plashy with flying lightnings round the spurn o’ their feet: Now of that long pursuit Comes on at hand the bruit ; That Voice is round me like a bursting sea: Lo, all things fly thee, for thou fliest me!

Wherefore should any set thee love apart? Seeing none but I makes much of naught” He said”And human love needs human meriting: How hast thou merited — Of all man’s clotted clay the dingiest clot? Alack, thou knowest not How little worthy of any love thou art!

Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee, Save Me, save only Me? All which I took from thee I did but take, Not for thy harms, But just that thou might’st seek it in My arms. All which thy child’s mistake Fancies as lost, I have stored for thee at home: Rise, clasp My hand, and come! Is my gloom, after all, Shade of His hand, outstretched caressingly? Thou dravest love from thee, who dravest me.


Wedding ceremony Los Angels, January 23, Aum, Aum, Aum The Divine law requires the unity of your bodies, minds and aspirations and souls for the pursuance of one common goal of final spiritual liberation.

Remember, greater than man-made laws and ceremonies is the sacred ceremony of your spontaneous determination to keep your heart and souls united to a common great purpose. Thus understanding your high spiritual purpose in seeking a spiritual union, I do here by bless and unite the spirit of your souls.

Thus, also recognizing your desire to seek a proper companion who a can assist you in the spirit of the super art of living of the message of Yogoda I do hereby unite you in Spirit of God. I Brahmachari Nirod, a vowed disciple of Yogoda do hereby make a spontaneous solemn determination according to the ancient custom of India before you and Spirit that I take Agnes Spencer as my spiritual co-partner in the path of Yogoda to which I dedicate my life.

I Agnes Spencer, as a loyal student of Yogoda do also make a solemn determination before you and spirit that I take Brahmachari Nirod as my spiritual co-partner in the path of Yogoda to which I dedicate my life.

We take a solemn vow before the holy fire symbolized as the divine fire. In that sacred flame we melt our unreasonable differences, determination and aspiration so that we could make ornaments of golden experiences to decorate our Souls. In the fragrance of the incense we bathe our Souls and cleanse our minds of all fogs and doubts. We make a solemn vow to respect our reasonable differences and obey the following rules: We will work together and help one another for high spiritual salvation.

We will be loyal to one another in every way to the best of our abilities. We offer ourselves our untied bodies, minds and souls to the service of all humanity through Yogoda. Whether in this life or beyond we as united souls bear good will for each other and humanity until final liberation is attained.

Heavenly Father, give us our daily bread, food, health prosperity for the body. Efficiency for the mind. Thy wisdom and Thy love for our Souls. Bride and Groom to the Guru: Yoga is not magic, sword swallowing or cristal gazing, but is the art of superliving as discovered by the ancient sages of India in B. If the western brothers only could learn the methods of the yogis then they would learn to live years in perfect health, happiness and great success.

You people do not sleep correctly and allow your sleep to be disturbed by the mental movies of dreams.