Beast by Ally Kennen – book cover, description, publication history. “I really love this book BEAST should be a monster hit” Amanda Craig, THE TIMES “BEAST has a tension that never lets up. Ally Kennen is a remarkably. Beast [Ally Kennen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the depths of a reservoir lives a monstrous creature. Its existence is unknown to.

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When it grows kennn big to keep he takes it to a reservoir where he is able to imprison it in a large cage. The story is told by a year-old boy who has been moved from foster home to foster home for too long.

All the odds are against him, but his efforts to free himself of the Beast make him a hero that readers will never forget. Reviewed in the Times. It was an okay read. Want to Read saving…. And by that I don’t mean that I didn’t get any, aally that I found him so interesting that I wanted much more.

Dec 28, Elie Ayache rated it it was amazing. His current foster sister delights in making him look terrible, he works in the kennrn industry, and His efforts to free himself of the Beast make him a hero. And the bars are about to break. Stephen is a likeable protagonist, if something of a anti-hero with his criminal past.

Preview — Beast by Ally Kennen. When the beast wasn’t properly described in the first few chapters I thought it’d be something more amazing than a giant crocodile.

However, the language used is simple, but lovely at the same time. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.


Beast is a young adult novel by Ally Kennenpublished in I’m going crazy with worry someone will discover him. I’ve read beast and berserk and i love them. I wanted to read it, to be able ti discuss it with my the people who dud the recommendation, but I thought I didn’t think I was gonna have much more to say than “Yeah, sure, cool book”. Oct 24, Dot rated it it was ok Shelves: But i guss it would of been pretty scary knowing that a alligtor lives by you.

Stephen’s crippled relationships with everyone around him, his lack qlly enthusiasm about everything in his life except things he can’t talk to anyone else about, and his essential goodness as a person, a son, and a human being, are fascinating to read. Help Marco the Fox navigate his journey through the maze! Genuinely frightening, and I loved the main character.

Dec 12, Amanda K rated it really liked it Shelves: If you loved this, you might like these His father gave it to him six years ago for his birthday. This book is fantastic!!

Kennan takes an unrealistic situation and makes it not only realistic, but hopeful. The over all plot was underwhelming.

Beast by Ally Kennen

Not the most pleasant surroundings, if you hadn’t noticed. And maybe one of the best parts, there isn’t a sqeezed in love interest that’s just there for the sake of it.

Jun 03, Kara rated it liked it. I thought it was kinda sad beasr his life was had to be in a foster care his whole life and dint get to see his real parents as much as i do.

A mother he never gy, and a father he wishes were dead. The truth about the Beast was actually pretty boring. In my mind a vague shape of a dinosaur or some other kind of monster had formed.


BEAST by Ally Kennen | Kirkus Reviews

I’ve no idea whether this is enough, but it kennenn the Beast alive. You don’t get to see realistic characters in YA books nowadays. The characters were good, but this book nee This book isn’t bad. In the depths of a reservoir lives a monstrous creature. Its cage is becoming dangerously unsafe and finding food is an increasing problem. Beast is the first in this chilling teen series, followed by Berserk and Bedlam.


View all 3 comments. The beast is a huge crocodile that his father gave him, and it’s big and hungry and dangerous and he has to figure out what to do with it.

Beast First edition cover. The farm was a foster home to many children and teenagers. Carol turning from evil to nice. Listened to the audiobook version of this. Jan 21, Celestasaurus rated it liked it Shelves: Clearly, when I picked it up from wherever it was, I must have found something in the blurb that intrigued me, but today it was almost sight-unseen and I just went straight into it.

There’s a lot of action, powerful description of really weird, gross situations within the first couple of chapters, the main character cuts up a pig and is discovered with the partially dismembered corpse and a saw in his handsand a feeling of alone that I believe is common to the experience of many young people today. Friday, 13 June Beast.