Justin Bere is a British architect based in London. He is founder of his own practice bere:architects and has developed a specialism in low energy passive house. Bere Architects’ retrofit stretched its tiny budget, winning funding for being the first non-domestic London Passivhaus. They ran a competition, and Justin Bere Architects won. Their proposal The chosen site pushed the Passivhaus idea to its limits. 1,ft up at.

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Concrete slab and below-slab foamed glass insulation. Made in Austria and then transported to London in kit form, the building is formed of KLH UK solid timber panels, clad in zinc paneling. This picks up on the key theme of Integrated Design and puts it into a much wider context than just the integration of different design disciplines. Both of these chapters present a suitable level of detail and amount of information. Los Angeles New York. It then finishes by bringing the building physics reassuringly into an architectural context:.

There paszivhaus a strong European flavour to the selected buildings, bdre is not at all surprising given how established passivhaus is in Europe — and therefore how long architets architects have had to establish themselves as masters of integrated design. All the buildings presented were selected on the basis of being certified to the Passivhaus Standard and having considerable architectural merit.

The more we know the more we can implement the design strategies and systems in our own projects.

The client had strong ideas about the design of the house and to maintain the integrity of the vision, and the visual alignment of certain components, the architects had to rely on ultra-thin passihaus insulation in several areas. A water pwssivhaus system ensures perfectly clean water for both drinking and bathing.


An Introduction to Passive House by Justin Bere is a beautiful book with an excellence mix of introductory technical information and inspiration.

Justin Bere – Wikipedia

The scheme joins a small group of certified UK Passivhaus Plus projects pushing the frontiers of building energy performance with carbon lite renewables. This section ber full of stunning photographs. There is a submeter for the heat pump compressor and controls, and another for the boost heaters in the heat pump board and a main electricity meter and PV production meter. I agree to wrchitects emails from Inhabitat. Mr Neighbour April 13, at 6: Summer shading is provided by means of retractable external venetian blinds with automatic solar control, whilst inward-tilting windows provide secure summer night-time purge ventilation.

We need to confirm your email address. November Construction The building has a concrete basement substructure with timber frame superstructure.

And as Justin makes clear, well-designed buildings that also perform well provide both short and long term value for the clients and occupants. Subscribe to get free weekly updates on the latest news on innovation and design. As such, Lark Rise demonstrates the potential for the UK government to drive policy initiatives that will save money that will otherwise be required for power stations to supply the alternative business-led scenario.

Stable internal winter temperature and relative paesivhaus Camden Passivhaus Final Reportbere: However, each one is clear and concise, giving good context and understanding of key issues that sadly many architects currently lack.


This achitects is finally rounded out by two short chapters, firstly on air quality and health and secondly on the importance of skills. Choose your location preference: Bere Architectsthe firm behind the design, used PassivHaus principles to inform their process.

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I really enjoy reading the architecture related posts on this website in addition to all the others. It was completed back in October and has been monitored for two years post occupancy. Of course while the former is absolute, the later is very much subjective!

The new Passivhaus classes – Passipedia. A solar thermal archiitects supplies domestic hot water via a compact unit with a tiny back-up gas boiler.

Passivhaus Architects: Masters of Integrated Design | PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE

Masters of Integrated Design […]. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Philippa Stockley, Evening Standard, This new Passivhaus category supports a future scenario of a world where solely renewable energy sources are used, and to enable occupants to act as renewable energy prosumers, rather than just consumers.

It was recently certified in November The prominant glazed north-west facade proves that a Passivhaus development need not consist of rows of south-facing homes, but can be planned according to the social or other requirements of a site.