Know about BJP Manifesto and public declaration from Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP had promised a lot to the farmers in Chhattisgarh before the last Assembly polls but the party Updated Date: Nov 08, PM. Chhattisgarh polls: Congress releases manifesto; focuses on farmers, poor. PTI|. Updated: Nov 04, , PM IST. 0Comments. AICC treasurer and With Congress’ defeat in Mizoram, BJP says Northeast has become ‘Congress Mukt’.

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Moreover, this intentionally ignores the three biggest threats that the Ganga and other rivers face: This election was fought under my leadership.

These seem to be re-hashed plans that sound grandiose. More worryingly, the UPA government has pushed the proposal to allow Jain Irrigation the biggest manifesgo supplied of drop and sprinkler systems to set up the National Bureau of Water Efficiency!

Manifesto for change – ASSEMBLY POLLS News – Issue Date: Dec 24,

manifexto The AAP manifesto at 28 pages is more interesting as it is not written as a marketing product pamphlet. The party in its manifesto has also stressed on formulation of a policy based on “winning confidence” of the tribals to take on left wing extremism in the state.

This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Rahul Gandhi, then the party vice-president, believes him. VVPATs will be used along with EVMs in all polling stations of all the assembly Constituencies to enhance the transparency and credibility of the election.

Water The BJP manifesto promises piped water supply to all households! This will alert our moderators to take action. However, it is not welcome that there is no mention of big hydro and big dams. Chhzttisgarh tells the central leadership that he was involved in sabotaging the prospects of several party candidates in and resulting in their defeat by small margins.


It is sad that in our country, the qualifications to contest an election are not important, only the vote catching abilities of candidates are important. The document will be released by party president Amit Shah at party’s office in Raipur.

Fill in your details: The results make it amply clear that the vote in Chhattisgarh was for change. Himanshu for the election manifesto analysis. The last page of AAP manifesto asks voters in Hindi to vote for the honest party. Sheikh Hasina manifest 3rd term as PM in Bangladesh: However, while it is more elaborate than the BJP and Cong manifestos in describing how the party seeks to change the governance in India, it seems less comprehensive.

AAP is a new entrant and I dont blame the party much for its lack of vision in the matters related to environment, as theirs is a hurriedly drawn manifesto. The Congress manifesto is also silent on promoting household level solar power projects. The Congress website has a good article: This is creating havoc on surrounding areas with displacement of tribals, destruction of forests and pushing unjustifiable dams.

So while the Kurmis, who account for about 10 per cent of the vote, stood solidly behind Baghel, North Chhattisgarh backed leader of the opposition T. Moreover, Congress lacks credibility on this, since, when Jairam Ramesh, as environment minister proposed this, he was actually removed and his successor did nothing to implement this. He even took an oath on religious texts vowing that he’d never go with the BJP post elections in the case of a hung verdict.

Find this comment offensive? While 9, people were evacuated to safety, majority of the houses escaped damage from the earthquake due to strict implementation of the Building code.

The Congress, on the other hand, fielded about 25 new faces, many of whom won. It clearly looks impossible, but more importantly, it does not say how they will achieve it.

Chhattisgarh polls: Congress releases manifesto; focuses on farmers, poor

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You are commenting using your WordPress. This blog also hosted at: BJP govt steals from the people and helps of rich industrialist manifesfo, says Rahul Gandhi. The BJP manifesto reads more like a laundry list of feel good factors, without any roadmap as to how the party hopes to achieve the listed objectives.


Let us hope the voters everywhere will do that. However, I feel this is not the time to criticize the manifestos-but instead keep an eye on the manifesto and keep reminding the ruling party wherever or whenever it lags behind in implementing the promises made regarding environmental issues.

Jis party ko naxalwaad mein kranti dikhai padti ho, naxalwaad kranti ka maadhyam dikhai padhta ho, woh party Chhattisgarh ka bhala nahi kar sakti, says BJP President Amit Shah in Raipur. But when he comes to Chhattisgarh he doesn’t tell you the CM is corrupt. We never tolerated threat to national security. Under BJP rule, Chhattisgarh is now a welfare state. Contrasted with smaller nations like Japan, with its high Bandersnatch review — Netflix’s interactive episode will make you question the concept of choice.

Live Blog Chhattisgarh elections live updates: We have seen how cost estimates of dams in Maharashtra rose ten-fold and quietly passed by those in charge!

And these chhhattisgarh are so important that as many people as possible must read it! November 06, The Sahus are electorally ,anifesto most powerful community in Chhattisgarh, with the Congress fielding eight of them and the BJP Thank You Like Like. Loans would be waived within 10 days of the party attaining power.