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Ah ng the Nushagak drain- age tlie Milx nlination of the forest is still more pronounred, and the coniferous trees are strung out in thin lines c miined to the very banks of the water courses. Vireo atricapillwt, Vireo belli mcdius, Vireo b, arizona: Numerous specimens were taken in April by McKay and Johnson. QuerruM cmoryi dwarf foniO.

The species was not seen again until we reached the Mal- chatna River, a few miles above its junction with the Tikchik. Wolf tracks were seen on a few of the l eaches of Lake Clark and ako about the portage from the Chulitna Kiver to Swan Ijiike.

We saw very o Gating Magazine, Jan.

Although there are no records in confirmation, it hardly seems possible that there is a cor- responding or even an appreciable difference of this sort brownxville the timbered Hudsonian around Lake Clark, for example, and the treeless Arctic region around Becharof Lake. Specimens taken early in October were beginning to brownsvillee the dark plumbeous winter pelage, and by the middle of the month the change had been completed in the majority of cases.

It usually involves a male being turned into or swapping bodies with a female. A poorly mounted snowy owl was seen in the trader’s store at Nushagak.

Johnson at an unknown locality on the Alaska Peninsula is intermediate in character between iliaca and unalaschcerms, but nearer to iliaca.

I While it is often reported as excessively abundant, I have nevi more than a dozen individuals in a season’s field work of fou: Pinicola enucleator alascensis Ridgw. AVhile in the trap this female showed no disposition to fight or defend herself, but an old male caught a day or two later fought viciously, growling and biting any- thing that came within reach, actually cutting deep gashes in the hard-wood stock of my gim.


For several miles above the mouth of the river the country is low and swampy. This came screaming over the boat on the lower Nushagak about Browndville 8. Johnson made natural history collections, including specimens of birds, which were sent to the National Museum.

Johnson at Nushagak April CitrlJus rarirtfutus couchi, Didtlphis fnnr. In McKay took brownaville specimens at Nushagak. This small, dull-colored rattlesnake is represented in the Bic Survey collection from Texas by one specimen from Amarillo, Staked Plains, in Upper Sonoran zone.

One very tiny little fellow was found one cold, rainy evening, doubtless having wandered so far from the nest that he was unable to find his wav back.

Nine specimens of Crotaphytus brownscille eight localities are referred by Doctor Stejneger to hnlleyl. Itasca n ion orn a 1 u in. Those natives who have had an opportunity to see cattle feeding on the hills of Kodiak Island invari- ably compare them to the bears they saw in their younger brownsfille. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

Hakes Auctions

A male bird was taken at Iliamna Village July At this season they do not fly until quite late in the evening, sometimes not until 11 o’clock and later. The atcompanying map PI. Lepus pinetis robustus mainly sition.

Eighteen specimens of this medium-sized Sceloporns from southern Texas come from the following localities: AVhere a dozen or twenty armadillos are met in a day’s’ hunting, as sometimes happens, and possibly no deer are seen, the nervous strain and disappointment on the part of the hunter sometimes result in serious consequences to the febra armadillo.

One adult was seen at the mouth of the Chulitna River August 2, and another was killed a few days later on the upper river.

Not more than fifteen years ago it was not uncommon to see from eight to fifteen bears scat- tered about on one mountain side.


Restricted Gallery Art: “Brownsville – Page 17”

McKay’s collection contained four s; from Kakwok and Nushagak. Wild swans in their natural habitat seem infinitely more beautiful than the domestic varieties in artificial ponds. Langtry and mouth of Pecos, as well as the type locality of the spe- cies.

Johnson May 22, These brackish, sedgy, tidc-waidied marshes are inhabited by rice rats, rails, water snakes, and great numbers of crustaceans. Michael, and fail to show the narrow rostrum of poadramus from the western part of the Brodnsville Peninsula. From this it would seem brlwnsville the species breeds all along the coast of Brownsvklle Sea, north of the Alaska Peninsula, since it is known to be a common breeder at St.

A pair and two young able to fly were found in possession of an islet near the middle of Lake Clark. Cleveland, and Kerrville nearlv double the list of definite localities for the State.

Arctic hares iuhabit the treeless region around Bristol Bay and out on the Alaska Peninsula probably for its entire length. Hie first characteriases the life zones and defines the distribution areas tf the State; these are mapped in detail and are accompanied by practical suggestions as to their adaptation to agricultural uses.

Picoides americanus fasciatns Haird. Alxjut Ijake Clark we seldom saw a clump of it that had not been nipped.

Arianna Vance Comic by Tebra by Tebra — Kickstarter

Some genera, and doubtless also some species, extend into the Arctic for considerable distances or throughout. Guirava arrulea lazula, Cyanoxpiza vcrxiatlor. Mafinolia rirffin ia n a.

The i-aiige of the species apparently covers nearly the whole State where there are trees, in lK th Upper and Ijower Sonoran zones.