Scientific name: Other names: Tamaraw. Bubalus mindorensis. Mindoro dwarf buffalo, Timaraw, Tamarao, Tamarau, Mindorobüffel, Búfalo de. Bubalus mindorensis is included in the subgenus Bubalus [Hamilton-Smith, ], being affiliated with the Asiatic water buffalo (B. arnee). Bubalus mindorensis Heude, Taxonomic (Download Help) Bubalus mindorensis TSN Reference for: Bubalus mindorensis, tamaraw [ English].

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Initial estimates of the Bubalus mindorensis population on Mindoro was placed at around 10, individuals in the early s.

It has been suggested that the term tamaraw came from tamadaw which is a probable alternative name for the banteng Bos javanicus. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: After a gestation of days, a single young is born Buchholtz, The largest group observed by Kuehn was comprised of six individuals: Economic Importance for Humans: These markings are similar to that of the anoa Bubalus depressicornis.

Tamaraw tend to give birth during or slightly after the rainy season which runs from June to November ; December and January appear to be prime birthing months for one population.

ADW: Bubalus mindorensis: INFORMATION

Share on Facebook Tweet Send email. OpenStreetMap – Google Earth. The Mount Calavite and Mount Aruyan populations are each estimated to contain fewer than twenty animals Hedges et al. Click here This page was last modified on.

File:Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan 01.jpg

It is smaller and stockier compared to the water buffalo Bubalus bubalis. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. Views Read Edit View history. Family Bovidae subfamily Bovinae. In the Pleistocene Epoch at least 11, years agothe tamaraw was also found on the island of Luzon Beyer, in Kuehn, Similar to other bovines, the tamaraw wallows in mud pits.

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Beforetamaraws were widely distributed throughout the island, inhabiting all elevations m and all habitat types, including Mindoro’s vast forests and less common wetlands, grasslands, riparian areas, and bamboo thickets. Lowland anoa Bubalus depressicornis. Due to the regular rubbing, the tamaraw’s horns have a worn outer surface but with rough inner sides.

It is typically found in thick brush, near open-canopied glades where it may graze and feed on grasses. Hyemoschus Water chevrotain H. White markings are seen in the hooves and the inner lower forelegs. Automobile maker Toyota once held a franchise in the Philippine Basketball Association mindorensiis, naming its team the Toyota Tamaraws see below. Thus, international commercial trade in the species or any derivatives of which, such as the meat, horns or flesh is considered illegal.

Males and females are driven from family groups at 3 and 4. Adult pelage is dark brown or black, with no differences between sexes.

It has a compact, heavyset, bovine body, four legs that end in cloven hooves and a small, horned head at the end of a short neck. Over the course of the mindorejsis, the increase of mindodensis human population on Mindoro has exposed the island’s sole tamaraw population to severe anthropogenic pressures. Said to be very suspicious of humans, the fierceness of the tamaraw is widely reported 4 5.


Also known as dwarf buffalo, Mindoro pygmy buffalo, tamarau. Extensive savannas are found in parts of subtropical and tropical Africa and South America, and in Australia.

Tamaraws have no known native predators on Mindoro, and frequently fed in the open during daylight, suggesting little concern for predation. National Assembly of the Philippines.

Vegetation is made up mostly of grasses, the height and species diversity of which depend largely on the amount of moisture available. Female tamaraws threatened conspecifics by lowering their heads and shaking their horns. Their numbers have declined from an estimated 10, in to approximately 20 to individuals today, making this species one of the rarest mammals in the world.

The name Tamaraw is from the language of the people of the Philippine island of Luzon and is spelled with considerable variation: Females nurse and care for their minxorensis, males do not provide parental care.

Total height at the shoulders is cm.