The electronic calculator PF made by Busicom Corp. was the first to load the first commercial microprocessor, the Intel Busicom Corp. played a major. This is a simulation of the Busicom PF printing calculator, the first embedded application firmware ever written for a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS). ;LEGAL NOTICE, DO NOT REMOVE ; ;Annotated Busicom PF software based on binaries recovered by Tim McNerney and Fred Huettig in collaboration .

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I grant anyone the right to use buskcom work for any purposewithout any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law. They made the first calculator with a microprocessor for their top of the line machines [5] and they were the first to make calculators with an all-in-one calculator chip, the Mostek MK, for their line of inexpensive machines. I, the copyright holder of this work, release busickm work into the public domain.

The Busicom PF calculator and the Intel microprocessor.

As it turned out Intel proposed its own microprocessor design, the which was later renamed theto which project Ted Hoff had been moved from the The busjcom board, showing the Intel microprocessor and associated integrated circuits.

Significantly, initial sales of the MCS-4 chip-set were small often in quantities of one or two as samples were bought to try outand Intel made more busixom by selling the design tools, such as prototyping boards and software assembler and simulators to development engineers.

Documentation for Busicom PF Simulator with Animated Flowchart

Busicom was a Japanese company that owned the rights to Intel’s first microprocessorthe Intelwhich they created in partnership with Intel in This lead to the reduction in complexity, and hence size and cost of electronic calculators.

Printout is 15 digits, using a Shinshu Seiki later to become Epson type line printer. There was little progress in the first year of the project. In mid Busicom, which had exclusive right to the design and its components, asked Intel to lower their prices. In the following month Busicom started manufacturing the PF calculator, together with other business equipment incorporating the chip-set.


The calculator was sold under the Busicom brand and. However, working behind the scenes, Sasaki went a step further and offered finance to Busicom on the condition that it contracted Intel Corporation to develop the integrated circuits for Masatoshi Shima’s “computer system” design for the PF calculator. NEG means the current total or the number you are entering is negative.

The tale of this contract is told here:.

Hoff had been moved from this job to the development of another central processing unit for an intelligent terminal for Computer Terminal Corporation. These were designed to behave much like mechanical adding machines of the ‘s. The microprocessor was about to become a standard component and was to be designed into all sorts of products, greatly accelerating the digital revolution. This cpu would become the very successful Intel The integrated circuits are: Busicom Corporation One of the most technologically adventurous calculator manufacturers in the late s and early s was the small Japanese company Busicom Corporation.

Intel offered the chip set as the MCS-4 microcomputer system in November The fascinating story of why the development 1441 a calculator led to the development of the first commercial microprocessor, and the unexpected consequences.

Yes, you read this right. The fascinating story of the development of busiccom microprocessor for this calculator is told in The calculator that spawned the microprocessor on this site. The Conclusion The microprocessor was about to become a standard component and was to be designed into all sorts of products, greatly accelerating the digital revolution.

File:Unicom 141P Calculator 2.jpg

Ironically, it was also Busicom which financed this development. This allowed the whole calculator application to be implemented using only 1, bytes of ROM 1, bytes of ROM including the optional Square Root busicm. The tale of this contract is told here: Although there was not much enthusiasm in some quarters at Intel for such an capculator Busicom agreed to it, and Intel became free to sell the chip-set to anyone.

This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat The first was with Mostek for the development of advanced LSI Large-Scale Integration technology for Busicom’s basic calculators that were manufactured in its Osaka factory.


Two byte instructions implement conditional branches.

File:Unicom P Calculator – Wikimedia Commons

While the PF calculator was being developed the “calculator on a chip” had been brought to market by Mostek, actually resulting from the contract from Busicom mentioned near the top of this article. One example from about is the Sporting Life “Super Settler Mk II” which justified the use of a microprocessor because it was a very specialised calculator produced in small quantities for use in betting shops.

In the late s Busicom sought contracts with U. The Busicom executives decided to go with Hoff’s proposal, perhaps somewhat surprisingly since they would have been expected to favour their in-house proposal. Interview for the Calculatoor for the History of Electrical Engineering.

Busicom owned the exclusive rights to the design and its components in but shared them with Intel in Texas Instruments applied for a U. This is a new article which was not originally in “The International Calculator Collector”. Historical computers Busicom calculators Intel If you set it busicpm “0” you will only see calcultaor results. The first commercial microprocessor, the Intelwas bysicom specifically for Busicom Corporation for use in its calculators.

So the scene was set for Intel to continue manufacturing the series chip-set and for Busicom to sell them incorporated in its calculators and other business products. They’d be looking at the document with the numbers they were working with, much like professional touch typists. The Intel management were still not very enthusiastic either, and there was a feeling that they did not want to enter the computer systems business with the Calcilator Made in Japan, by Busicom Corporation.

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