Card College – Volume 1. A Complete Course in Sleight-of-Hand Card Magic. Written by Roberto Giobbi. Work of Various. pages (Hardcover). Recognized around the world as the most remarkable course in sleight-of-hand card magic ever offered, Card College features engaging, detailed writing with. DantetheMante, Gabriel Z., 7ri_Kings and 1 other person like this. . Because as wonderful as Roberto’s Card College series is, it is still a.

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Dec 3, Messages: I’m about 3 weeks into card magic, so I barely know anything about this art yet.

I went to my local 2. He spent at least an hour going through almost all the individual books that he has on his bookshelf with me, after that, he went on and taught me more about the art of magic. Since this collegee my first magic book, so I really have nothing to say about it besides that fact that I’m in love with it so far cause it’s a godam beautiful MAGIC book!.

Anyway, I’m sure all magic books are good reads, but I have never heard of this series in all my book research not until the magic shop guy told me of course That’s why I’m here to find out what you guys have to say about Card College for a complete beginner. Thanks for your responses, and I know that was a lot of words, sorry.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read? | theory11 forums

Nov 1, Messages: The Card College series is an amazing set of books. I strongly recommend it over Royal Road.

Roberto Giobbi’s writing and teaching is wonderful. It is well worth the price. The guy at the magic shop did right by you. He could have sold you Royal Road and a bunch of beginner tricks that looked really cool but that you would never use after you started learning more about magic. Instead, he set you off on a path that will having you start off by learning things correctly.

My advice is to take you time with the book and really make sure you have the fundamentals, such as the various grips, down. It is a robreto easier to learn advanced sleight of hand if your fundamentals are correct. DantetheManteGabriel Z. RealityOne Thanks for you time. Apr 26, Messages: The Card College series is complete.


If you follow it to the letter you will be a master card magician. If you are still interested in card magic get these books as well. May 6, Messages: Because as wonderful as Roberto’s Card College series is, it is still a distillation of 20th century magic literature.

The techniques, concepts and effects from his series 5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes have been largely culled from classic texts like Royal Road, Expert Card Technique, Dai Vernon’s books and the works of Juan Tamariz. Of course there are many modern effects and ideas that do not come from those foundational sources, but you would be foolish to think that reading Card College coklege that you don’t need to source those other classic texts.

ChawhanvipGabriel Z. Jul 15, Messages: Roebrto, should I use Royal Road as a reference? I remember when I bought the Card College series, I told my wife that I wouldn’t need any more card magic books. I’ve bought well over a hundred since then.

As Jason said, Roberto Giobbi collected a tremendous amount of knowledge from a variety of sources and compiled it all in the Card College Series. Roberto is very good about crediting his sources.

Card College Volume 1

For the most part, the material was not developed czrd Hugard and Braue but was just published by them often without giobgi. Dai Vernon’s breadth of work during his lifetime is tremendous. There is a reason he is called the Professor. Let’s not forget Erdnase whoever he was and Marlo and all the other giants in magic upon whose shoulders we stand.

Card College curates that material for you. My advice is to continue to work through the Card College Series. Many of the techniques reflect refinements and improvements. The performance theory is wonderful. THEN, continue your colleege. Then branch out into reading the works of Vernon, Marlo, Ascanio, Tamariz and the works of their students.

And that is just the beginning. Card College will give you an amazing foundation.

There are lots of books that provide the basis for that foundation and lots of books that that you can use to build on that foundation. Jun coloege, Messages: So does this series only stricktly teach card magic and techniques such as double lifts or does it also teach cardistry techniques and shuffles. It only teaches card magic and basic flourishes — no cardistry. Mar 15, Messages: There’s also a couple of videos made by Giobbi and available as DVDs which are companions to the first two volumes of Card College.


Are these any good, and are they worth getting in addition to the books? Or perhaps instead of the books? Dec 31, Messages: They are also newer and so he mentions improvements to his collebe and teaching since he wrote card college. I waffled on buying the DVDs and was so glad I got them.

Giobbi is just a great teacher.

Card College by Robert Giobbi VOLUME 1

Hey folks, the videos just became available as digital downloads for a much better price than the DVDs! BTW, these include tips and refinements in a few places that aren’t in the books, as they were made 12 years later I think, otoh. Since my post a couple of weeks ago, I got the digital downloads of the video course. It’s terrific, and I highly recommend it as a wonderful companion to the classic Card College books.

It can also be used independently even if you don’t have the books, and is probably THE collefe I would point people to if they were looking for a video series to learn the fundamentals of card magic. Roberto Giobbi is an excellent teacher, with real insight into how magic works, and few are better at this than he is.

As mentioned already, this was originally sold as a set of 4 DVDs of nearly 8 hours, but is now available as a digital download via his website. You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: