cfchart with cfdocument pdf format. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. MM say that you can’t use cfchart inside cfdocument. Most people agree. However, you can. I have a fairly basic cfchart, format=”jpg”, nested. Hi, my charts are working on a cf page. If I place cfdocument> tag around them to generate a pdf doc, they don’t show at all. I use CF8 on Win.

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So cfdocument can not send a https request to itself. If users add annotations, they must save the PDF after making changes. Specify the AllowPrinting attribute ccfdocument enable viewers to print the document.

Creating PDF and FlashPaper output with the cfdocument tag

It has the added speed-bonus for removing HTTP-request for the images, which is perhaps the reason in the first place. When it’s printed it’s assuming all the CF processing is done and simply printing content when, in fact, all our IMG tags still need processed. How did you get to the bottom of this! There is an option in Coldfusion 8 cfdocument tag called fontembed.

The SitePoint Forums have moved. You use one or more cfdocumentitem tags to specify headers and footers or to create a page break. In this post, I would like to list the reasons why they happen and how they could be resolved. The defaults for these options vary, based on encryption level.


It would have worked fine in production, but we wouldn’t have moved it there and I would have been out of a job! Sign up using Facebook. Hi Joey, You should check two things. So as for pre-processing, I’d say there’s not much chance. However, as the previous post states, CFDocument will not print these images. Any ideas for a workaround? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Additionally, the cfdocument tag supports the following Acrobat security permissions through the cfdocumrnt attribute.

On my computer I get a error. I tried your example and it works fine at my end. Using advanced PDF options The cfdocument tag supports the Acrobat security options, as the following table shows: Since cfdocument can not send authentication information currently, it is not able to fetch the image.

I had not noticed it that the support cgdocument said only jdk Creating sections, headers, and footers You can use the cfdocument and cfdocumentsection tags to fine-tune your printable output, cgchart follows: The following example displays a list of employees, using a cfoutput tag to loop through the query:. The same PDF downloads in my local environment, and all other systems, without any issue. Here is how we display images in the page: It is set to yes by default, and increases file size greatly.

Want to validate the html in this page? Fill in Specify AllowFillIn to enable users to use form fields. How are you planning to use cfcontent to get the image and use it inside your page?

After every restart we need to apply the hotfix again. Have you had this user try more than one browser? If the HTML option is selected you can cfdochment the graph no problem.


cfchart and cfdocument

Then display the same image again, but using the correct sizes for height and width. Am I making sense? OK, I have confirmed now more specifics, about whether this issue is about “commercial” us You should check that out.

What happens if you go to http: You can, in fact, send the report out as an attachment to cfmail. Before we proceed with different cases of red-x, lets see in brief, how images are rendered in CFDocument. Hello, how can I convert pdf to excel?

But again, please do not offer those clarifications here. Can anyone give me an idea how to do this.

Annotation Specify AllowModifyAnnotations to let viewers add comments to the document. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Adobe ColdFusion 9 * Creating PDF and FlashPaper output with the cfdocument tag

This works a treat. Use the ownerpassword attribute to specify a password that users must enter to cfdocukent and optionally modify the document. In cases where different fonts are a necessity I’ve resorted to creating PDFs with ‘wkhtmltopdf’.

As a result you can easily convert HTML to printable output, as the following example shows: CFDocument still does not as of 8.

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