The Technical Norm Z specifies requirements for design, manufacture, The aim of this Standard is to promote a high standard of machinery safety. Standard for guarding. (d) meet all the requirements of CSA Standard Z, Safeguarding of. Machinery, or other similar standard acceptable to the director. Buy CSA Z R SAFEGUARDING OF MACHINERY from SAI Global. Canadian Standards Association. Preview. Most Recent.

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Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, gravity — what kind of interlock do I need? Often a skipped step, which usually results in issues down the line with the performance and feasibility of the safeguard. Learning resources Learn more about standardization and the Standards Council of Canada.

Other machinery and work environment standards applicable to any place where this Standard is being implemented should therefore be reviewed. It is also intended to be used by those concerned with information, instruction, and training in safe working practices.

Influence national and international standards development by commenting on draft standards online. Another question we get is are the CSA Standards the law?

Machinery Safety in Canada

They are best done with a cross functional group to ensure thoroughness. A way to participate in standards development is to become a member of CSA and help develop a standard. Where a current CSA Standard exists xsa a specific type of machinery e. Comment on draft standards.

Essentially, the level of a safeguarding performance must equal the level of risk faced as defined in the risk assessment.


Metal Shear Company Spotlight: This now makes conformance with CSA Z part of the law. The values given in parentheses are for information only. This will allow viewing only, but is very handy to reference standards by the OHS regulations in each province.

There are additional requirements based on the height of the hazard and the distance from the operator.

If you have an industrial robot three or more interpolated axes ; OHS Regulation csq This is a much easier version of the equipment standard to follow and we suggest this to all of our clients. This is the most important document to establishing a safer work environment within the context of safeguarding of machinery.

Technical Norm Z | Standard in Canada for Machinery Safety

This is not a complete list of what is in the standard, but some of the highlights. The basic requirement standar a fixed guard is that it is a minimum of mm high from the walking surface to the top of the guard, and a maximum of mm from the walking surface to the bottom of the guard. Legends to equations and figures are considered requirements. Typically, industrial machinery is installed in workplaces where other associated activities take place e.

This Standard applies to the protection of persons from the hazards arising from the use of mobile or stationary machinery.

Notes accompanying clauses do not include requirements or alternative requirements; the purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to cas from the text explanatory or informative material. Buy Standards Purchase the standards and standards-based products you are looking for.


A risk assessment is performed to ensure all hazards have been identified, current controls have been reviewed, improvements to the safeguarding have been proposed and the reduced risk examined.

We have become Associate Members of standards and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. An employer must ensure that any safeguard required under this Part is designed, constructed, installed, used and maintained with CSA Standard Z Safeguarding of Machinery.

Standards Council of Canada

The standard outlines how safeguards shall be applied. If you have a power press, a break press or a shear; OHS regulation There are numerous variations and additional requirements to the information listed here, but this a432-04 a ztandard point to help you understand what your guarding will need to look like. Some of the critical elements of CSA Z are: CSA Standards for machine safeguarding establish the recommended minimum level of protection for operators and bystanders.

Machinery safeguarding is not performed in isolation from other protective measures. What kind of news would you like? Workplace Engineering Solutions Inc. If you do need to access the area, install interlocked guards.