Please Note: This product requires the Dungeons & Dragons® Player’s Handbook from Wizards of the Coast®. Want to play Deadlands but prefer the d This is the D20 version of the best-selling, award-winning Deadlands: the Weird West! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! . West, or in a more generic “steam and sorcery” campaign, these rules work well. Deadlands Classic: 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook – This is the It’s not uncommon to need five or six sets of dice from d4 to d

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Class systems bundle abilities into archetypal packages. Here’s some things called “One-sheet adventures” from the publishers. Having played cofe almost the entirety of the published scenarios from the original system’s production run, I can say that there are some pretty epic storylines out there to use.

You might not be give any encounters for the journey. I’m still curious what’s so bad about D20 though. Yeah, if Reloaded doesn’t work out we can go to D20 and see how it is. Lacking the formal level system, my huckster could pick up a few ranks of Brawlin’ without having deadlancs spend one of his finite level slots on a “fighter” level or whatever I’ve not actually looked at the D20 rules, this is a guess, don’t hurt me.

I’ve yet to see one. I’m deadlxnds trying to make sure we have a fun game with a fun system that doesn’t get old and really feels like a fun game.

Reloaded looks pretty good and I found a electronically fillable character sheet to boot. Deadlands is better of without them.

I think the original Deadlands rules, while stylish, were a cluttered and clunky mess of conflicting subsystems. We went for 3 sessions without any combat, and many more without any major encounters. I’m gonna learn a little about the system and then ask my players what they would prefer. If it’s not a feadlands system, then the creativity and imagination doesn’t mean squat.


Hey guys, I’m the DM for this Deadlands game.

Deadlands d20

Savage Worlds On a side note, a lot of the anti Deadlands D20 hatred is stemming from the false assumption that it killed classic Deadlands, when in reality it was deadland publishing platform and non-vocal fan base. Right now for Deadlands they have one called “The Flood” that takes place in California. Sure, it kinda works, but it’s boring and not made for games like this. I highly doubt that I’ll be looking too much into classic though, a brief description of a round of it’s combat brings back the nightmares of Mech Deadlancs and spending an entire night getting through two rounds of combat.

When you can solve any mystery by summoning the murder victim’s ghost, figure out who the culprit was by Linking History and an illusion spell and then sending a demon to haunt the killer’s dreams until he confesses, things get boring. Otherworld runs a very good gritty dangerous fantasy game of his own.

It gives the world a much stronger and diffrent feel. In a game I played in a couple years deadlznds had 2 hucksters: I’ve even heard multiple people say to never play it or “it doesn’t exist” so really it can’t be that good at all. So, there’s a lot of bitter feelings in that regard. That said, I know there are disadvantages to the 3E rules. Edges seem very similar to feats in my opinion. The Devil’s Tower trilogy was particularly awesome.

It also includes two types adventures, those that continue the storyline and one offs.

The other two editions are just much more fresh in terms of atmosphere, and the sort of game they produce. I have read the reloaded version and it seems similar enough that it should be good. I don’t think we know enough to suggest any but there are some out there.


Everybody with an arcane background has to learn their own sub-system, but not knowing how the other guys’ mojo works deadlanda part of the charm, in my opinion. So you could draw a lot of cards, but still go later in the round or draw one card, go first and plug the guy.

However, there are a lot on adventures tied to specific places. Just dont attack the game with a DnD mindset.

Why is D20 Deadlands terrible? [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

Mainly I want to avoid a cookie cutter character situation. A huge pool of skills, spells, and edges to choose from mean that no two characters will probably be alike yes they’ll share some similarities.

In fact, I’m gearing up to start a new D20 Deadlands campaign next week. Give it your best shot and I’ll do my best to understand. Also the rules are unfitting to the setting. Sort of a square peg in a round hole situation.

I dunno, I guess it’s a matter of knowing that non-classed systems work just fine that I don’t often have to think about dead,ands I wouldn’t want to use a D20 variant. All of them just limit the choices you can make, prune out the unique things about the way the game handles things, and give nothing in return except a familiar ruleset for people too lazy to learn a new system, even though that ruleset rulebooo completely unfitting to the setting.

Not sure, but I can guess. Deadlands Reloaded being a later installment into this franchise and utilizing a different core system escapes the brunt of this attrition on the merit that it is not D20, aside from that though, Deadlands Reloaded does seem to be the most well thought through version.