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uno 14’71 DEUTSCHE NORMEN July • ~I~ ~ £ ‘0 . Stranded Conductors Steel-reinforced Aluminium Conductors DIN. ACSR conductor DIN standard. Application. ACSR conductor(Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) are suitable for use in all practical spans on wood. O tano. Aluminum conductor Steel reinforced (ACSR) Cables to DIN. Standard. APPLICATION. ACSR conductors are widely used for electrical power .

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ACSR conductors are widely used for electrical power transmission over long distances, since they are ideal for long overhead lines spans. They are also used as a messenger for supporting overhead electrical cables.

ACSR conductor DIN standard

ACSR conductors are formed diin several wires of aluminium and galvanized steel, stranded in concentric layers. The wire or wires which form the core, are made of galvanized steel and the external layer or layers, are of aluminium. Galvanized steel core consist normally of 1, 7 or 19 wires.


The diameters of steel and aluminium wires can be the same, or different. By varying the relative proportions of aluminium and steel, the required characteristics for any particular application can be reached. Can be obtained, by increasing steel content, and a higher current carrying capacity by increasing aluminium content.

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