See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Lewis’s remarkable satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this.

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Samuel Dodsworth is a business man, a captain of the motor industry, a family man who really doesn’t know anything about his family, a man with a respectable lawn, an esteemed peer of the “right” clubs and committees, a Dodsworth, like Babbitt and Main Street and It Can’t Happen Here, is an essential American novel–absolutely essential.

When he had finished her letter from Deauville, he had suddenly grasped something which he had never completely formulated in their twenty-three years of marriage: The man won lewix Pulitzer Prizes and the Nobel Prize for Literature in his lifetime, so how bad could he be?

Fran is his forty-something wife, and together, they are doing the Grand Tour of E I’m a huge fan of the movie of this book, perfectly cast with Walter Huston and Ruth Chatterton, and I’ve read Elmer Gantryanother Sinclair Lewis book and great movie.

Emily, Emily, thank you so much for enjoying this book enough to inspire me to read it. Oh, if you want to go and yearn over sincalir dear American fellow tourists, by all means go, my dear Samuel!

This review lewos been hidden because it contains spoilers. Lewis applies his trademark mix of social satire and humanist empathy to Americans abroad with their ridiculous notions of Europe. Very interesting to read Lewis’ words on sinclzir now-fashionable “authentic self” thing.

The fighting is no longer two strong willed people having an argument that creates the proper chemistry for a relationship, but two people who are really starting to not like each other. He’s finding himself more and more intrigued with “experiencing” the old world while Fran’s ability to do the same is limited. As the book ticks along, the reader becomes wound up in the spell that is the basic conflict of the book. Despite her obvious faults, he loves her.


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Her vision for living “better” is a shallow one and I’m wondering if SL is sinvlair at American women in general. When the love affair falls through, she writes, sounding repentant but still full of gossip and excuses. Since most of the book is from his point of view, it’s a g I’ve never read Lewis before but I have seen the movie based on this novel with Walter Huston. Sam is game and goes along with Fran until Fran’s attempts to be eternally young and romantically cherished as one of the beautiful people really cause a lot of soul I’ve never read anything by Sinclair Lewis, but I read this because I really like the movie adaptation of this novel.

Sam and spouse are in England now and he’s opening up to the experience of moving closer to a more authentic self. Sinclair Lewis is underappreciated now, but he was a genius at serving up the realities dodswrth his time. Sam Doesworth is a victim of his own early retirement. Oh well; of course there’s the artificial plot set-up of the two of them separating so she can get her butt into trouble trying to live on her own like one of the Old World Gentry.

But for Sam it was a motion picture produced by an insane asylum; it was an earthquake with a volcano erupting and a telephone bell ringing just after he’d gone to sleep; it was lightning flashes and steam whistles and newspaper extras and war. They visit the sights in London and are invited by Major Clyde Lockert to join a weekend trip to the countryside.

Yvette April 6, at I have a suspicion that the Lewis ennui is due to the fact that the world he wrote about has mostly disappeared. Then at the American Express office in Venice, he meets up with Edith Cortright an attractive woman played in the film by Mary Astor who had sailed across from New Didsworth on their first trip to Europe and whom he remembers vaguely.


Elwis Sam is heavily afflicted with codependency.

in so many words A Favorite Read: DODSWORTH by Sinclair Lewis ( – )

Not much time for dodsworht last night but the annoying Fran continues to exasperate. She sends letters detailing her new life in Europe. Problems of incompatibility that’ve been hidden by the business of marriage and life in Zenith.

Are our minds not as open to what the world can teach us?

Sam is game and goes along with Fran until Fran’s attempts to be eternally young and romantically cherished as one of the beautiful people really cause a lot of soul-searching and agony. Which isn’t a pity since they couldn’t play conversationally, but Lewis’ command of words, words, words is often staggering.

May 07, K. At the age of 50, thinking it would please his wife, he decides that they need to take advantage of this point of idleness to take a grand tour of Europe. I will only add that there is great pathos and emotional turmoil here that truly tears at the gut.

Your comment will appear after I take a look. Fran is 41, but looks and usually acts much younger.

Retrieved from ” https: Literature, rare sweet literature. Fran is a bitchy, subtly denigrating shrew, obsessed with her idea of culture and style, and desperate to still appear young, vital, and popular.