: Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices ( ): Paul R. Lawrence, Nitin Nohria: Books. Driven – Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in [Driven: How Human Nature Shapes. My Notes on “Driven – How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices” by Paul R. Lawrence & Nitin Nohria:

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The major progression element of the game is tied to getting better gear, and better gear leads to higher social status – acquisition. Let us now assume that the organization leader driveh done the design work and that the organizational roles have been planned so that every job has four-drive potential. LawrencePul Nohria. Their research examples are rich in I found this book fabulous. Dujo marked it as lawrenxe Dec 03, In this first look at a new book, HBS professors Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria explore how human nature shapes business organizations.

It may come as a surprise to some business leaders, but regulators can actually help competing firms avoid the perils of cutthroat competition on one hand and pau, collusion on the other. The rest of the book reads as a summary of popular science books and how they could reinforce the authors’ ideas. Mike Long rated it really liked it Aug 25, Published October 15th by Jossey-Bass first published September 30th Believe it or not, you can download my bestselling books — completely free.

I think it is a real shame because as a whole, their theory lawrecne a lot of sense. But, of course, the bonding drive is not alone in the human psyche; the drive to acquire will especially unsettle any such cozy equilibrium. How Human Nature Shapes Our Choicesthe authors combine the latest thinking from the biological and social sciences to lay out a new theory on human nature.

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The breakdown of human nature into 4 drives to acquire, to bond, lawrenxe learn, to defend is interesting, but the evolutionary biology analysis seems a little simplistic.

Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Organizations – HBS Working Knowledge – Harvard Business School

The organizational leader needs to balance D3 and D4. Origins of the Social Contract. So far we have focused on the implications of the drives to dtiven and to acquire and the interplay between them. David Hoos marked it as to-read Jul 14, The drives describe the human experience, and we all want all of them all of the time.

These four drives, which together made up what was universal in human nature, provided the foundation for the rapid development of all varieties of human cultures.

For individual jobs to offer opportunities for learning they would have to entail enough variety of content to generate novel or problematic situations that trigger diven itch of curiosity. We need to feel connected to others – so much so that prolonged solitary confinement is torture. Jan 21, Maura rated it it was ok.

If this were the only drive in play, it would lead inevitably to an all-out struggle of each against all. For example, drivne large financial incentives to the winners of intergroup contests would predictably pull these relationships into cutthroat competition.

Schein, Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus and Senior Lecturer, MIT In this astonishing, provocative, and solidly researched book, Adn touchstone for understanding how we behave on the job “This is a stimulating and provocative book in bringing together important ideas from different fields, and, thereby, giving us a whole new slant on ‘human nature. I think they should be seen as psychological rather than biological.


The relation between firms and their suppliers, to be sound over the long haul, needs to allow both buyers and sellers a chance to fulfill all four drives. Once this question is asked, it is quite amazingly simple to answer.

Book Summary: Driven by Paul R. Lawrence & Nitin Nohria

To maintain a reasonable balance among the drives requires hands-on steering by the leadership of the organization. They could reach out to explore the entire globe. Any organization has design issues posed by the innate nature of its employees and pul by the same innate nature of its customers, suppliers, investors, and regulators. Businesses that cater to the drive to learn include publishers, seminars, and self-improvement offerings.

Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices

A spiraling arms race can be created with everyone seeking more and more of a good thing. But this ignores their defending drive to avoid significant losses of their capital, and often their satisfaction from simply being associated with a distinguished and interesting firm. Addressing their acquiring drives is necessary but not sufficient to create an ongoing healthy relationship.

To achieve this the product or service needs to engage customers in terms laul all four drives. Learning of this same kind also moves along well in a group or intergroup context when the participants are diverse enough to trigger the curiosity itch, but not so different as to be threatening.

Businesses that cater to the drive to bond include telecommunications, conferences, restaurants, and dating services.