‘EMQs for Dentistry is comprehensive and well thought out, and will prove to be invaluable to every student in the run-up to exams. I wish there had been more. Contains more than EMQs covering the dental undergraudate syllabus taught in the UK’s dental schools. This book contains questions which are grouped. Contains more than EMQs covering the dental undergraduate syllabus taught in the UK’s dental schools. Questions are grouped by subject enabling.

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He is cooperative and his first permanent molars have erupted. Primary herpetic gingivostomatitis in children is often mistaken for teething. Tooth-brushing Techniques 2 1. It may be brought on by a trigger such as cold water, shaving or pressure.

The hint in the question is that the child has had recurrent chest and ear infections. Selection of Radiographic Views 8.

EMQs for Dentistry

Will be sent in generic and sometimes recycled packaging. Cardiovascular Examination Findings 2. Although it lacks any morphological resemblance to a tooth, this lesion has individual dental tissues in normal relation to one another.

It is associated with microgenia, macroglossia and increased risk of periodontal disease. It affects around 45 people in the USA at one time. Gracey curettes are site-specific with one cutting edge. It can be triggered by febrile conditions, common cold, menstruation, exposure to strong sunshine and other insults. Ideal for medical students and junior doctors, this book is intended to complement rather than replace other psychiatry books, and will help students develop a better understanding of the clinical aspects of psychiatry.


The bullae are fragile and burst within 24 hours, leaving painful ragged ulcers. They form most frequently in young adults and in people between 50 and 60 years of age.

EMQs for dentistry Format: Varicella zoster causes chicken pox in children — a mild, common childhood illness with a characteristic rash.

It is caused by an interruption of the sympathetic nerve at the cervical ganglion secondary dentistrj a tumour. The entire lining is variable in thickness; sometimes with arcaded configuration, irregularly acanthotic or occasionally very thick.

Unit details

On inspection she appears cachectic. Loss of Consciousness 2. Learnt alot from this book myself. They are often large in size and are classically oval in shape.

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The affected area is tender to touch. A biopsy shows processes of epithelium resembling stellate reticulum. Daily dispatch from the UK. The medical emergency here is a retrobulbar haemorrhage bleeding behind the globe of the eye.

Leukoplakia is a white patch that is usually a keratosis and cannot be removed by rubbing, unlike Candida infections.

It mostly affects young males. Flucloxacillin is used to treat impetigo, a common bacterial infection. You can see that his periodontal condition has worsened seriously since his last visit 12 months before. Raised urea and creatinine are associated with renal failure. Panda eyes or raccoon eyes USAperiorbital ecchymosis, is a sign of a base of skull fracture or subgaleal haematoma, a craniotomy that ruptured the meninges, or rarely certain cancers.

Interpretation of blood tests. Lichen planus can also be found on mucous membranes in the genital regions and ocular areas.

She has muffled heart sounds on auscultation and reduced cardiac output. Establish two large venous lines, cannulae, take blood for cross- match and baseline studies. When you assess a patient, it is not just the lesion but also the risk factors present which give you the diagnosis. It has an incubation period of between 9 and 90 days. Distinctively, it can be wiped off, unlike other pathologies such as lichen planus or a leukoplakia. The most common cause dentistrg trauma, which accounts for the greater prevalence being in the male population.


The definitive diagnosis is with a labial gland biopsy deep to muscle. Chapter 8 Integrated diagnosis. After this oral steroids and theophyllines should be considered. Systemic Conditions Dentistru with Root Resorption 4. The difficulty in breathing, over-inflated chest and bilateral expiratory effort is classic of asthma. Intramuscular tramadol may be an alternative when contraindications preclude the use of diclofenac. Histiocytosis is a general name for a group of syndromes that involve an increase in histiocytes.

A torus is a bony lump usually on the palate or lingually next to the premolars. It occurs equally in males and females. Spontaneous frank bleeding of the gingivae should always be investigated, especially in patients with good oral hygiene. Respiratory obstruction if not dislodging after the Heimlich manoeuvre may require an emergency surgical airway, i.

Oral Tumours dentidtry 8. Treatment is with corticosteroids. Drug Treatment dentustry Hypertension 7.