View and Download Ericsson MX reference manual online. MX Multiplexer pdf manual download. The MediaKind MX system multiplexer is at the centre of MediaKind’s multi- platform headend architecture ideal for IP distribution infrastructures. The MX revolutionizes IP multiplexing technology. MX is a feature rich product that also supports ASI input and output, SFN Adaptation, SMPTE

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Table of contents Revision History Table Of Contents Scope Of This Guide Who Should Use This Guide What This Guide Describes Identifying The Equipment Equipment Information Label Contents Of Label Summary Of Features Program Specific Information Generator psig Program Clock Reference pcr Ts Ip Summary Of Features Remote Statistical Multiplexing Reflex Static Parameters Dvb Ca option Single Frequency Networks Functionality Role Of The Mx Multiplexer Mx Multiplexer Control Using Ncompass Front Panel Indicators Rear Panel Connectors Rear Panel Indicators Moving The Equipment Safely Installing The Equipment Emc Compliance Statements Connecting Up The Mx Multiplexer Ac Equipment Fuse Power Cable And Earthing Disposal Of Moulded Plugs Ac Supply Cord Scope Of This Section Mx Multiplexer Rear Panel Mx Multiplexer Connectors Ethernet Data 1 – 4 Ports Activity And Speed Indications Data Port Io Mode Asi In 1 And Asi Out 1 To 4 Ethernet Ca 1 And 2 Rs Engineering Port Hsync Clock Reference Hsync In 2 Off Hsync Out 2 Off Upgrading The Mx Multiplexer Before Powering Up Power Up Self Test Start Up Sequence Mx Multiplexer Configurations Using Ncompass Control Mx Properties Page Asi Module Properties Page Input Signal Characteristics Setting Up The Ip Address Connecting The Terminal About Ncompass Control Connecting The Mx Multiplexer Configuring The Mx Multiplexer Ncompass Control Functions Mx Multiplexer Modes Of Operation Summary Of Multiplexing Modes Allocation Of Bit Rates Statistical Multiplexing reflex Advantages Of Statistical Multiplexing Features Of The Reflex Software Using Statistical Multiplexing Minimum And Maximum Bit Rates Grouping To Allow For Remultiplexing Data And Service Bandwidth Adding An Output Setting Up The Monitoring Setting Up A Secondary Output Adding The Private Data Stream Incoming Transport Stream Mixed Pcr System Damage Requiring Service Checks On Completion Of Servicing Maintenance And Support Services Monitoring And Alarm Indicators Access To Fault-finding Information Power Indicator Unlit Ac Equipment Fuse Replacement Mx Multiplexer Parameters Transport Stream Parameters Ethernet Data Ports 1 – 4 Asi Out 1 – 4 Control And Monitoring Rs Remote Control H Sync In H Sync Out For The European Union What This Annex Describes Ca Status Monitoring Configuring Ncompass Control Equipment Setup Configure Ca Types Set Up An Ecm Generator Ecm Generator Tab Ca Types Tab Set Up An Emm Generator Emm Injector Tab Editing The Ecmg Settings