The MES Extruder Spheronizer’s range from laboratory to production sizes for extruding wet granulations into final spheres or wet granulation is. INTRODUCTION. Extrusion-spheronization. ✓ Extrusion-spheronization a pelletization technique was developed in the early s, and this process is. Integrated Extruder Spheronizer is Pharma pellet making machine is a batch process with approx one batch taking minutes in an hour, and our pellet making.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, pellets of medium particle sizes from to 2, micrometers are used for most applications.

Extruder Spheronizer Spheroid Batches 50g to kilos

This unique design of machine, meshes and pressing cams with chequered plate design makes the not only a perfect wet granulator but also an ideal pelletization machine. Make more of your time You can avoid the lengthy cleaning time required using highly integrated systems. We have a manufacturing a different different type of sizes.

Caleva equipment is fully protected with safety interlocks Talk to Caleva. Our technical experts can visit you extruser site and provide a professional report detailing how our equipment can help your company achieve optimum results.

Because you will have the option to work with different batch sizes.

Extruder Spheronizer Granulator | Caleva Multi Lab

The pelletization system ensures various designs of extrusion like screw extrusion, radial extrusion, cone extrusion, dome extrudsion, basket extrusion, die roller extrusion or mixer extruder to be fitted on top of the twin spheronization system ensures that process and validation wise there is no difference to the extrusion design and operation parameters and design. Also, optionally, you can collect operational data during your work. High Shear granulator High shear granulator is the new mixer range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. We offer full on-site startup assistance for purchased and rental machines so you can get your Umang Pharmatech equipment up and running.

  DIN 4108-3 PDF

The process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellets. Twin spheroinizer with bucket assembly is fitted below the extrusion module.

Choose the equipment that is appropriate for your specific needs. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Die Roller Extruder as two rollers one is perforated and the second is knurling roller both are horizontally placed with minimum gap of 0. The process involves the deposition of successive layers of an active compound onto nonpareil seeds resulting in the formation of uniform size pellets. Integration with fluid bed possible: Mini – Lab is a table-top fluid bed for laboratory use, sized for product volumes from ml to ml.

Various mesh sizes possible depending on the design of extrusion starting from microns upto microns. Similar design of process bowl, mixer and chopper ensures that process. Fluid Bed Processor is a very good technology to make granules from powder using top spray method. Production Scale Combined Extruder with Twin Screw Extruder Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum microns to maximum microns.

Radial Extruder Redial extruder is the new extrusion range that build on the proven Umang technology and it benefits. Our support staff is ready to respond to your needs quickly.

With an extensive selection of available replacement parts, Umang Pharmatech is always ready to meet your needs in a timely fashion, reducing unscheduled downtime and minimizing impact on production. All of our laboratory equipment is designed to facilitate fast, and trouble free, scale-up to production. In Integrated Extruder Spheronizer from Bucket assembly material is dropped in to the chequered plate of spheronizer drum where it rotates at particular speed and due to the chequering in the plate it helps to cut the extrudes and due to the centrifugal force extrudes convert into pellets and gets discharge through pneumatic door opening.


Cone extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting extrudwr minimum microns to maximum microns. Application Notes 1 Download. API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturing requires that special attention be paid to processing equipment design, hygiene and safety.

Choose only the parts you need as you need them Datastor flexibility. Interchangeable bowls of different sizes can be used for different batch sizes purchased only as required.

How do I decide which laboratory extruder extruderr spheronizer I should choose? We offer you the widest range of extruders and spheronizers. Unmatched Technical Support A successful installation is just the beginning of our technical service.

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Fluid Bed Dryer Flame Proof Design is the best technology in current market scenario for drying efficiently and uniformly be it powder, pellets or granules. Buy more later if you have a new project requirement. Even if the ball-shaped extrudate is imperfect, the evenness of the surface still creates good conditions for subsequent coating. Mini Dryer A fully integrated fluid bed dryer for drying pellets, granules, powder, tablets, etc.

Spheronisation to create pharmaceutical pellets. Extrduer you wish to work with batch sizes from between 50 g and g then this Caleva kit will offer you the flexibility you need. Agglomeration through extrusion and spheronization is one of the oldest techniques for manufacturing pellets. For any other concerns, such as need for a higher resolution version of the image, or a commercial license, contact me through my talk page or e-mail me. We make our knowledge, expertise spheronizdr testing facilities available for all potential applications.