Repairs and replacement parts To Order Please Call or Email: () ( ) () (After Hours) [email protected] BARTON Floco Meters, Floco Samplers and Pulse Transmitters. Floco Series F Meters Models F/F Cameron’s BARTON® Floco® Series F meter is a. True ‚¬Å“industry standards‚¬, Floco and Flotrac meters are staples in harsh environments that demand consistent, repeatable and rugged performance.

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The Series F meter measures liquid by separating it into equal portions and counting them. Liquid enters the meter through the inlet port, where the bridge deflects the liquid downward to strike the rotor blades and turn the rotor. The liquid then passes through the outlet port, which flock aligned with the inlet port. The unique rotor design allows solid particles meer sediment to pass through the meter without causing damage or malfunction. Bridge seals prevent the liquid from passing to the outlet port without being measured.

As the process fluid viscosity increases the measurement performance of the Floco also increases. The enhancement is most notable in the capability to measure low flow rates. Because of this many process fluids can be measured at lower rates than published. Standard connections are 2 or 3 male NPT threads.

Raised face and ring joint flanges can also be supplied. Standard units for registering totals are US gallons, gallon barrels, liters or cubic meters. Series F meters are available with Buna-N, Viton or Teflon components for compliance with process demands, and a long life between maintenance cycles.

Key Features Unpowered mechanical operation Suited to viscous fluids laden with solids 25, cp upper viscosity limit Optional integral sampler Optional electronic output. The Series F meter does not require the installation of straight-run pipe flico or downstream of the meter. The meter can be installed in any position and the register can be rotated in two planes for optimal visibility.

Construction The Series F meter consists of four basic parts: Almost all spare parts are interchangeable among Series F models. The sideplates are A forged steel.

The number and type of sideplate bolts determines the safe working pressure of the meter, as shown in the table below. All meters supplied with flanged end connections utilize slip-on flanges as standard.

Meter Info | Flow Meter Calibrations | Precision Proving Alberta

The body liner and side wearplates are constructed of polished stainless steel to assure a low-friction seal with the rotor blades. Wearplates are reversible for extended life. Bridge The bridge is available in either Delrin or stainless steel.

Delrin is a plastic material that can withstand chemical attack and temperatures to F 82 C. Alternatively, stainless steel is extremely resistant to abrasive and high-temperature fluids.

Bridge seals are constructed of Viton. Bearings Bearing selection should be based on the following guidelines: Aluminum Bronze General bearing, durable in most applications including crude oil Meehanite Recommended for use with abrasive process fluid, which is often apparent by indications of severe wear on the rotor shaft Carbon Graphite Recommended for use where yellow metals are not acceptable or where the process fluid has very low lubricity Glass-Filled Teflon Recommended for use where other materials fail due to chemical attack Rotor The rotor, which is the measuring element of the flow meter, is constructed of stainless steel and has chrome-plated shaft ends for bearing surfaces.


The standard rotor hub is made of non-clad stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. An optional rotor hub is clad with a Viton or Buna-N elastomer for improved flow at very low flow rates.

The spring-loaded blades are made of a stainless steel substrate with a Buna-N, Viton, or Teflon covering. All registers display flow totals in seven digits with the resolution indicated in the table below.

A standard sweep hand provides 10 times greater resolution than that shown. Reset registers have two displays: Removal of the meter sideplate provides easy access to all internal parts. Using the assembly drawing and parts list shipped with each meter, a user can readily identify all parts and assembly procedures.

Minimum capacity improves with higher viscosities.

BARTON Floco Meters, Floco Samplers and Pulse Transmitters

The sampler is used to determine the fluid quality which aids in determining: The ratio of oil and water being produced The ratio of dissolved gasses in heavy oil The physical and chemical properties of the flowing fluid As defined by API and ISO, the proportional-to-flow technique is superior to manual-grab sampling or automatic sampling based on time or event in producing representative results. Proportional-to-flow sampling is achieved by automatically extracting a series of small, consistently sized samples from the flowing stream.

The sample size metrr easily adjusted and the sample interval can be adjusted by changing a gear within the sampler. The Floco sampler is extraordinarily economical to install.

It mounts on the side of a Floco meter and is mechanically driven by a gear train connected to the flow-driven rotor within the meter. The sample is typically stored in a container mounted on the sampler. The container is vented locally, therefore entrained or dissolved gas and light hydrocarbons with vapor pressures higher than atmospheric pressure will break out of solution and be lost to atmosphere.

To avoid exposing personnel to toxic vapors, never use this container for sour fluids.

The Floco Sampler is available in two models: They are available in plastic or stainless steel. The stainless steel containers include a mechanical level gauge. Special configurations are available for downward direction flow. CLIF MOCK large-capacity receiver o An integral manually operated ball valve shut-off to stop operation or to allow removal of the sampler for maintenance without interrupting the meter s operation.

Samplers ordered with Floco meters are preassembled floc the meter before shipment. Samplers may also be ordered individually tloco assembly with an existing meter in the field.

Consult for application guidance. It is ideally suited for retrofitting in-situ meters to provide rloco necessary electronic output associated with an automation or Jeter project.

The transmitter consists of a gear-like target that is driven by the Floco meter and mounted within the magnetic field of a standard turbine flow meter pick-up coil.

As the teeth of the gear pass under mete pick-up coil, an electronic pulse is generated in the meyer way the movement of the rotor blades of a turbine meter generates a pulse. The FPT can be installed easily and quickly without removing the meter from service. The transmitter mounts directly to the meter body and can be ordered for use with or without a mechanical register.

As an option, Cameron offers the Model with an economical powered coil for applications requiring a highamplitude 2V to 24V square wave signal. Electrical certifications for this model are different than those for the standard model.

Model pulse transmitter with optional junction box While the standard FPT is suitable for F Coptional temperature ratings up to F C are available. The rate of pulse transmission can be interpreted to lfoco the flow rate while counting the pulses representing the flow total.


With the Modeleach pulse is exactly divisible by a factor of ten to allow either very simple or sophisticated remote devices to scale the pulses into preferred units of measure. Optional pulse rates from 1 to pulses per barrel or 1 to pulses per gallon may be used to operate electric counters, batching counters or combined with preset electrical counters to control pumps, motors, valves, or solenoid-actuated equipment.

ITT Barton Floco_Flotrac PD Meters – ITT CONTROLS

A glass-encapsulated dry reed switch is actuated by the magnetic field of a gear-driven magnet. Although the Model transmitter is not explosion-proof or agency-certified for hazardous areas, the reed switch is hermetically sealed for use in hazardous locations as allowed by local electrical code.

The wafer-type cast aluminum meer of the Model mounts on a Floco meter just beneath the register. The pulse transmitter is easily retrofit to existing meters in the field without recalibrating the meter.

The Model Pulse Transmitter incorporates an integral weatherproof junction box with a three position terminal strip that is easily replaced in the field. Modbus is a registered trademark of the Modbus Organization, Inc.

Foundation is a trademark of the Fieldbus Foundation. Viton, Teflon, Buna N are registered trademarks of E. Meehanite is a registered trademark of Meehanite Worldwide Corporation. General Product Specifications Tank Mounted Spillbox The spill containment device is manufactured to contain spills and drips that may occur at the fill point on aboveground storage.

Thermal Mass meter and Temperature Transmitter Description The MTI10 insertion thermal mass flowmeter and the MTL10 in-line thermal mass flowmeter provide accurate mass flow measurement of clean, dry gases.

BARTON‚® Floco‚®/Flotrac‚® PD Meters

The 4″ VSP pump series is carefully designed and manufactured for maximum resistant. PREC Slide sampler Type series booklet With superior performance, these.

Lfoco and retain this instruction manual to assist. The main fields of application are the water treatment. The double-seated design provides bi-directional shut off.

The design of the valve. When used as a primary pressure relief. The Unique Accelabar Flow Meter The Accelabar is a new and unique flow meter that combines two differential pressure flooc to produce operating ranges never before attainable in a single flow meter.

The special design of the. Do not use for construction. This document is for reference only. Always use Bill of Material shipped with meter. Loading dock equipment of the following types: Section – Concrete Forms and. These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed.

Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section. Our Customer Service is at your disposal for any further information. Lightnin has 90 years of unrivaled experience in industrial mixing technology, process knowledge, and technological.

The transmitter is offered in a standard non-clogging snub nose end, flush diaphragm or protected flush diaphragm with. D April Micro Motion Gas Specific Gravity Meter Micro Motion density and concentration meters are built to tackle the most demanding process and fiscal applications.

Packaged rooftop air conditioning unit 5 tons and smaller.