Fluke — A — Service and User Manual Revision: Manual-ID/Number: Date: 01 2 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Fluke Handheld True RMS Multimeter Calibration Manual, PDF, K. Fluke Fluke A Digital Multimeter Instructrion Manual, PDF, M. Digging through my old junk I found an old Fluke A meter. old test leads I need to dig up but does anybody have a manual for this thing?.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” FLUKE A ” See other formats Thank you very much for your shopping on us, nanual you need any other manual, email me at jasonsyj hotmail. If you find any others selling the manual made by me, please email me also.

The listing of this manual is to help those who need this manual to repair and maintain their equipment. If your instrument contains assemblies with different revision letters, it will be necessary for you to either update or backdate this manual.

John Fluke Mfg, Co.

Measurements Restrictions AC Line Connection Input Voltage Limits DC Zero Guarded Measurements Input Signal Conditioners Control and Display Fuse Replacement LED Replacement Initial Procedure DC Volts Test Autoranging Test DC Bias VDC Function and Ranges Power Supply Check Fault Area Isolation 4- Options and Accessories Option Specifications 2- 1.

Controls, Indicators, and Connectors Maximum Input Voltage for all Functions and Ranges Required Test Equipment DC Voltage Test DC Linearity Check Problem Area Isolation Resistor Selection Procedure Offset Voltage Correction Resistors Coarse Offset Voltage Correction Resistors Fine Resistance Checks 2. AC Voltage Checks AC Voltage Range Adjustments 3. AC Voltage Range Adjustments The resistance is manaul 7 O on the V and V ranges.

Each range can be manually selected by depressing an appropriate front panel range switch. Autorange can also be manually selected as a range. It offers convenient operation manula optimum accuracy and resolution when frequent range changes are required.

All dc voltage ranges will withstand the continuous applica- tion of inputs up to V dc or 1 V peak ac. Measurement data is displayed on a 5! The readout is continuously updated and includes decimal point, polarity Vdc only and a mV dc range annunciator 20 M O and D annunciators are also included for use with the Ohms Converter Option.


When a range overload occurs full scale count of is exceeded the display will flash as an overload indication. All available options and accessories are described in detail in Section 6 of this manual. Field installable if calibration facility is available. Measurement capabilities of the A can be increased by the addition of one or more of the avail- able options and accessories listed in Table All options, with the exception of the Digital Output Unit, are field installable by the user, if calibration facilities are available.

Options may be ordered at time of purchase or at a later date.

Repairing a Fluke 8810A Multimeter

Specifications for the A and its available options are given in Tables andrespectively. Accessory specifications are included in Section 6 of this manual. There- fore, for an absolute 10V dc input the A will read between 9. Logic “0” causes data update at the tluke sample rate of approximately 2. Majual Time — k! Full autoranging or manual ranging Overload Protection. Some semiconductors and custom IC’s can be damaged by electrostatic discharge during handling.

This notice explains how you can minimize the chances of destroying such devices by: Knowing that there is a problem. Learning the guidelines for handling them.

Using the procedures, and packaging and bench techniques that are recommended. The Static Sensitive S. Anti-static bags, for storing S. See section 5 in any Manal technical manual for ordering instructions.

Use the following part numbers when ordering these special bags. This section contains information regarding the installation and operation of the Model A. The contents of this section should be read before operating the digital multimeter.

BoxMountlake Terrace, Washington, A list of Sales Repre- sentatives is located in Section 7 of this manual. The Model A was packaged and shipped in a foam-packed cardboard carton.

After unpacking the unit, a thorough inspection should be made to reveal any damage that may have occurred in transit. If reshipment becomes necessary, the instru- ment should be repackaged in the original container. If the original container is not available, a new one can be obtained from the John Fluke Mfg. Please reference the model number A when requesting a new shipping container.

The A is supplied in one-of-two line power configurations: Use the following procedure to set this switch. Remove power cord from ac line. Remove two screws on back panel and pull the unit from its case. Refer to the rear panel decal and set the line voltage switch to the local line voltage or V ac. The A can be mounted in a standard 19 inch equipment rack using a Fluke Model M rack mounting accessory kit.


Installation instructions are supplied with the kit, and appear in Section 6 of this manual.

Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

The A front panel controls, indicators, and connectors are shown in Figureand described in Table The following paragraphs describe various conditions which should be considered before attempt- ing to operate the A.

Controls, Indicators, and Connectors S i Table Also serve as sense connections for four-terminal resistance k! Autorange AUTO is included. The basic A is capable of making only dc voltage measurements. However, its measurement capacity can be expanded through the use maanual field installable options to include resistance and ac voltage measurements.

Repairing a Fluke A Multimeter | All About Circuits

Operating instructions for the added functions are included in this section of the manual. Detailed installation instructions, theory, maintenance, parts list, and schematics are included in Section 6.

NOTE The 88 10 A front panel includes all of the controls, indicators, and connectors required to accommodate the maximum legal combination of options, i. The line power cord is a three-prong, polariz- ed connector which permits the 88 10A to be connected to line power. The ground lead on the power cord is connected to chassis ground through the A power supply and should be connected to a high quality earth ground.

The maximum voltage limits that may be applied between adjacent input terminals without damaging the A are given in Table 88110a These limits may change with selected function. Before attempting to make precise dc voltage or resistance measurements the 88I0A should be energiz- ed and allowed to stabilize at the ambient temperature for at fouke 30 minutes.

Use the following pro- cedure to make this adjustment: Depress both the VDC and the mV switches. The A is now prepared to measure dc voltages and resistance within its accuracy specifications.