For Matrimonial Purposes [Kavita Daswani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anju wants a husband. Equally important, her entire family. Buy *For Matrimonial Purposes* online, For Matrimonial Purposes Kavita Daswani Plume Paperback pages. June rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars . Spirited, elegant, fun, with an enchanting authorial voice, For Matrimonial Purposes – a first novel which was the subject of a fierce international auction – is a.

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Also, I absolutely hated the way she put muslim countries down in this book. The problem comes when the latter are represented as being part of the exotic Indian package.


Now in her thirties, she has written several novels for grown-ups and young adults that represent her passion and love for the Indian culture. She’s fasted, she’s prayed, sh Entering her mid-thirties, Anju has proven to be a failure as a daughter. I knew right away that if I liked the book, it wouldn’t be for the brilliance of the writing.

Kenapa perempuan di usia tertentu “harus” menikah? All the girls want to marry her handsome brothers because they are rich and good looking.

The most interesting characters were all of Anju’s rejected suitors. The happy ending romance also seemed a bit perfunctory, as we didn’t really get a chance to know the guy. Feb 26, Janice rated it liked it. I know that Anju is entitled to her voice or her story. I really admired how she did not allow for her life to only be defined by her desire to be married I love that she buily a life for herself in a way that was foriegn and uncomfortable dsswani the people she loved most.


She’s fasted, she’s prayed, she’s presented herself as meek and submissive. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Nov 25, Sharon rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The book makes clear the importance of marriage and getting married at a young age, a ksvita fact of life for most Indians, whether boys or girls.

Second is the classification of the novel as mindless chick lit. Entering her mid-thirties, Anju has proven to be a failure as a daughter. An Indian girl from kavitq very wealthy family inherits a curse and no one wants to marry her. The mothers for it is they who decide who shall marry whom can get all the material goods and a pretty face elsewhere, minus the curse.

For Matrimonial Purposes — book review

Hello hello – what happened to intersectionality and feminist commitment to not hegemonically representing patriarchy exclusively as the kind that is suffered by elite daewani Tapi worth to read.

I knew and know plenty of women who can’t wait to get married because that’s what they’re supposed to do. In short, I’m not trying to poo-poo Indian culture or traditions.

Kavtia, wanita yang hampir berusia 30 tahun yg belum dapat seorang pendamping hidup. Aug 11, Jennifer rated it it was ok Recommends it matrinonial But Anju is not American. What if, for instance, Anju had married someone living in a war-torn foreign country far away from anyone she knew or loved, where she had no opportunities puroses the home?


A great all-around read! Her life in Bombay, where a marriage can be arranged in a matter of hours, is almost solely devoted to this quest, with her anxious mother hauling her from holy site to holy site in order to consult and entreat swamis and astrologers. First, the issue of Anju’s personality, which to me is not a misstep on the part of the author, although it could seem that way to an American audience who would prefer a kaavita and fiercely independent protagonist eager to break the shackles enslaving her to a patriarchal society.

By presenting us with a protagonist with one foot in New York and the other in Bombay, we akvita see a bit more of ourselves in Anju’s experience dasswani we’re comfortable with. Feb 28, Anna Fillaah rated it liked it. Not all the efforts of numerous swamis or countless fortune-tellers or famous matchmaking gurus in the world can help Anju snare a bridegroom.

I have recently acquired a great interest in bookd that tell the story of the lives of Indidan women. This novel is quite unique, even though it’s not really good.

She needn’t have bothered, it was a xaswani enjoyable piece of fluff anyway. Sesuai judulnya, novel ini ternyata benar-benar berisi perjuangan Anju mencari suami yang selalu gagal. She’s had her birth chart read, her destiny foretold. And the novel, while perhaps simplistic in its presentation, is not mindless.

A very enjoyable read.