Marine manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the marine product manual you need at ManualsOnline. Furuno Ls Fish Finder User Manual. Page 1. Ls – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: en este manual. Asi mismo, FURUNO apreciaría cualquier suge- rencia o comentario en relación con el equipo. Características. La FURUNO LS es una.

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If the depthindication is unstable in automaticoperation, or the bottom echo cannot bedisplayed in the darkest gray tone byadjusting the gain controls in manualoperation, you may adjust the bottomecho level detection circuit, for both 50kHz and kHz, to stabilize theindication.

Data is output at two-second intervals.

5″ LCD SOUNDER LS | Fish Finder | Products | FURUNO

Set range of each of the eight basic Repeat step 1 to ensure that theangle of the sensor is correct. If a hole has been drilled in the transom, open the appropriate slot in the transom cable cover.


Mounting locationTo ensure the best performance, thesensor must be submerged inaeration-free and turbulence-free water. Choose the water typewith which to use the LS, fromSalt or Fresh. To suppress interference, do thefollowing: Shifting the range The basic range may be shifted up or down in the manual mode as follows: Thisdisplay is useful for comparing the samepicture with two different transmittingfrequencies.

Nothing appears if no connector is connected. Position the second cable clamphalfway between the first clamp andthe cable hole. Press the [MARK] key.

Nothing appears if no connector isconnected. When choosing a location keep the following in mind: Leave slack in cables to facilitate checking and maintenance. Installation Menu Choose On to output input data. Therefore, any position data should be verified against other sources to confirm reliability. Dual Frequency Display Single frequency display 50 kHz The sounder furno ultrasonic signals to detect bottom conditions.

Wiring Coat with silicone sealant. No user-serviceable parts inside. Do not remove the label. Lower HalfSaw along slopeof hull.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Fire, electrical shock or serious injurycan result. Keep the display unit out of direct sunlight.


Always wear safetygoggles and a dust mask. Page of 48 Go.

This may require a certainamount of experimentation for finetuning at high cruising speeds. Got it, continue to print. The waypoint list appears,with the erased waypoint blank.

Window can be shifted up and down to select the depth. This may require a certain amount of experimentation for fine tuning at high cruising speeds.

Furuno Ls4100 User Manual

Selects basic display range. Necessary tools You will need the following tools: The sounder uses ultrasonic signals todetect bottom conditions. Single frequency display 50 kHz The sounder uses ultrasonic signals to detect bottom conditions.

Therefore, whenconnecting eternal equipment havingpositive ground, do not ground thesignal line to the chassis. The cursorappears along with waypoint entryinstructions. Tell us about it. Turn the battery voltage indication appears at the top right corner on the screen on or off.