Resample PDF with GhostScript. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Ghostscript supports output to a variety of image file formats and is widely used for A collection of such formats (‘output devices’ in Ghostscript. I was trying to reduce the size of pdfs whilst ensuring that they met a certain dpi or ppi for my thesis. Reducing size of pdf with ghostscript.

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If the string has embedded spaces, enclose it in single or double quotes. Note that the use of expert options is provided for image processing experts who have studied and understand how resize filters work. Merge the requests above with the defaults. If the disk has a hard limit, the program fails. The lines are drawn from the given endpoints. When writing to a MNG file, a -page option appearing ahead of the first image in the sequence with nonzero width and height defines the width and height values that are written in the MHDR chunk.

We’re very much interested in taking patches from people who have ported it to non-mainstream platforms. Follow the text coordinates with a string. Note that if the pixel at the ‘seed point’ does not itself match the given color according to -fuzzthen no action will be taken.

For the default -channel setting of RGBthis means the first image is assigned to the Red channel, the second to the Green channel, the third to the Blue. This should be the baseline for regression testing. It is recommnded that this device is used for PostScript output. Note that, if the value contains a space, you’ll want to quote the value in your shell, as in the example above.

PNM The PNM portable network map ghostscripg of formats are very simple uncompressed image formats commonly used on unix-like systems. Define arguments for the memory, map, area, and disk resource limits with SI prefixes. Pixels in the black areas ghodtscript the clip mask are modified per the requirements ggostscript the operator. While this operation uses an -intensity method, it does not use or set the -intensity setting, so will not affect other operations that may use that setting.


The left side of the stereo pair second image is saved as the red channel of the output image. However, some formats, such as JPEG and PNG, do not support more than one image per file, and in that case ImageMagick is forced to write each image as a separate file. The operators -coalesce-deconstruct-flattenand -mosaic are only aliases for the above methods and may be depreciated in the future.

In that case, its only effect is to force ghostsfript use of a global color table. If the translation coefficients t x and t y are omitted they default to 0,0. Note that the representation is only of the normal RGB color space and that the whole color value triplet is used for the interpolated lookup of the represented Hald color cube image.

Use this option to affect the resizing operation of an image during operations such as -resize and -distort.

Details of Ghostscript Output Devices

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If you specify more than is needed, the document will render more slowly. They are not absolute settings.

High-level devices In addition to raster image files, Ghostscript supports output in a number of ‘high-level’ formats. The matrix entries are entered as comma-separated numeric values either in quotes or without spaces. For example, 0 is none, 3 is typical and 20 is a lot. Next it searches the accumulator for peaks in counts and converts the locations of the peaks to slope and intercept in the normal x,y input image space.

The value used with Exp should be negative so as to produce a decaying exponential function. If one control point is specified, the lines from the end knots to the one control point determines the tangent directions of the curve at each end. The point method changes the matte value of the target pixel. Using a very high contrast will produce a sort of ‘smoothed thresholding’ of the image. Moreover, replacing proprietary software should never be a bad idea. File names for the separations for the CMYK colorants are created by appending ‘.


For example, OHTA is a principal components transformation that puts most of the information in the first channel. The Sinusoid function generalizes Sin and Cos of the -evaluate operator by allowing varying amplitude, phase and bias.

As such a single pixel sampling of an image will take the middle pixel, or top-left-middle if image has even dimensions. Please note that the transparency channel is treated as ‘matte’ values 0 is opaque and not as ‘alpha’ values 0 is transparent. A typical command line invocation is: The lookup table data follows. This can also be used to convert a plain grayscale image into a one using the gradient of colors specified.

This is useful for output devices that are high resolution, but that have trouble rendering isolated pixels.

Convert PDFs to TIF Files

Use -page xfor example, to center the image within the page. Defined settings are listed in -verbose information ” info: Ghoshscript many not be available for all distorts. The -colorspace gray image conversion also uses the current intensity setting, but will always convert the image to the appropriate sRGB or linear-RGB colorspace before appling the above function.

Refer to MIFF for a description of the image class. See the -annotate option for another convenient way to annotate an image with text.

resanple Other well known ‘properties’ that are available include: It supports full quality color and transparency, offers excellent lossless reeample of the image data, and is widely supported. There are also another device devicen in the same source file.

If a negative index is used, the insert position is calculated before the last image is removed from the sequence. The skewX and skewY primitives skew them with respect to the origin of the main image or the region.