Gladys Aylward was born short in size and short in worldly status but what was lacking in height and social standing she made up for in. Gladys May Aylward was born in north London on February 24, , and grew up a high-spirited, happy child. “She remembered her father coming home,”. She is author her autobiography entitled Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman. The film Inn of the Sixth Happiness, is loosely based on events from her life.

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Lawson, 20th Century-Fox Films, At any moment, the Japanese were expected to arrive. Protestant missions to China. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They should try it sometimes, and see if they like hobbling about on little club feet.

Yet years later she changed her mind when she arrived in the country where she would serve him as a missionary. Realizing that their unlikely traveler was not to be deterred from making the long, dangerous journey, they allowed her to sylward little by little on her ticket toward the full amount.

Sitting alone on her bed in her new quarters, she placed the few coins she had on her Bible and cried out, “Oh God, here’s my Bible!

The prisoners were housed in cramped conditions with nothing to do and with limited food. Then Gladys had a visit from ayllward local Mandarin who had had an unusual offer – he wanted her to conduct local inspections to enforce a new national ban on foot-binding.

Gladys Aylward’s Long Road to China by – Church

She never married, but spent her entire life devoting herself to Christian work with the people of China. There is a blue commemorative plaque on the house where Gladys lived near the school in Cheddington Road, London N Gladys suggested that they be provided the opportunity to work to earn money for their food and after some of the warden’s friends donated looms to weave cloth and a grindstone to grind grain prison conditions improved.


Donations paid for the fare. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Before she died, she told Aylward: As yet, Aylward had no specific destination in China. We empower churches, organizations, non-profits and ministries of all sizes to easily create, customize and manage your own successful gldays bookstore. The article was to change her life. Two distressing events marked Aylward’s later life. She would be working with dark, short statured people – exactly like she was! EdmontonLondonEngland gladts, UK.

She not only led the orphans to safety, but personally cared for them and converted many of them to Christianity. Quite possibly Gladys and her adventures could have remained obscure, known only to God and those involved, but it was not to be.

On 15 Octoberhaving worked for Sir Francis Younghusband[4] she spent her life savings on a train passage to YangchengShanxi ProvinceChina. From Chita, Aylward managed to find her way to Vladivostok, where she was to make another connection.

But Aylward missed China. But the encounter must have made a strong impression.

Gladys Aylward’s Long Road to China

The Mandarin wanted Gladys to tour the local homes where as a aaylward she could enter the women’s quarters to enforce the ban, and because her feet were not bound she could travel easily. She had been asked to work in this capacity by a young Chinese colonel, a member of Chiang Kai-shek ‘s intelligence service, who had set up headquarters in her city.


It was then that she was taken by oxcart to the local mission, delirious with typhoid fever. Then Gladys received word that the Japanese were returning to invade the area, and that there had been discovered a Japanese circular gladyz a reward for her capture or death.

Gladys Aylward – Wikipedia

Following mule tracks over the mountains, the band slept in whatever shelter they could find with only each other for warmth; many of the smaller children had to be carried by the older ones. Her destination was a government orphanage in Sian and for 12 days they traveled, sometimes lodging with sympathetic hosts and sometimes staying outdoors.

By that time, China and Japan had been pursuing an undeclared war for several years. Lawson not only provided hospitality for travellers, but would also share stories biograpgy Jesusin hopes of sharing the Gospel.

One of the Undefeated. When it was over, writes Phyllis Thompson:. UniversityWarrensburgMissouri A year later, the year-old Lawson fell off a balustrade and was severely injured. After about 10 years she sought to return to China, and after rejection by the Communist government and a stay in British administered Hong Kongfinally settled in Taiwan in The country, she was warned, was unpenetrated by Christianity.