El Tambor De Hojalata has ratings and reviews. Dan said: My reaction to finishing this book was ‘thank god that’s over’. I thought it was in. El tambor de hojalata, vol I has 25 ratings and 0 reviews: Hardcover. El Tambor De Hojalata has ratings and reviews. kaire said: هذه الروايه تحتاج إلى نفس عميق وطويلوتركيز شديد لا أملكه إن لم تكن الروايه للمت.

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They are well kept, straightforward, logical, manly, full of life. It’s also a bit repetitive so I kept coming across stuff that I’m sure I had se read.

I realize this is an iconic work of German Literature, and as somebody who has studied German History of the 20th Century, I feel as if I am supposed to find this book brilliant. I had to force myself to read 20 pages a day for about the first pages. Il fatto che la narrazione passi dalla prima alla terza persona non agevola la lettura, anzi, la rende pesante e difficilmente digeribile da assaporare fino in fondo.

It certainly felt like a first novel, a cram-all-the-pent-up-poetic-observations-I’ve-made-in-my-life-because-this-is-my-first-novel first novel, and while enjoyable to read in small parts it did This book is not bad but still it did not do anything for me. Of course you will not like it if you are a grasss of, let’s say, Michael Crichton It was the most awkward book I’ve ever read.

What will shape the societies if the writers and artists were all alike, apart from a path-breaking scientific discovery or a natural catastrophe? The book is phenomenal and brilliant, for it tries to capture through fiction the life in Germany just before and after the war broke out. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in I wish I could have read this book without Oskar and all the other odd people in it, and just read about the events leading up to World War II, the Polish grwss, the Nazis, the war, how a child just not Oskar living through it felt.


Marcos rated it really liked it Feb 01, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A few friends Oskar made become victims of different tragedies. He spends some of the war years as part of a travelling troupe of other midgets who travel around Europe entertaining the German soldiers and after the war becomes a renowned and wealthy musician but he never seems to settle at any one thing for any great length of time.

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El tambor de hojalata, vol I by Günter Grass

I found the English edition the newest, supposedly best translation to be utterly unintelligible. Diego Bauman rated it really liked it Jan 27, What I felt most was a lack of structure. I will give it this – there is a strange beauty to the perversion portrayed in this book. View all 11 comments. Si rimane schiacciati dal criptico senso di queste storie sconclusionate, dall’ambientazione sempre evanescente, dal simbolismo oscuro, inaccessibile per chi non si sia trovato a vivere in quelle precise coordinate spazio-temporali, tra canti polacchi, folklore, giochi di parole, satira politica e via dicendo.

It started out as a trying read for me. I learned that I don’t find eccentric midgets that make highly stylized allusions to archaic information and literature very interesting, but that I vrass like it when eccentric midgets kill their fathers and have lots of sex.

Reading this book you realise the big distance between “exciting” to “amazing”. I am glad to be finished with this one. It seemed that the protagonist was occasionally cast as a God figure but he is so flawed that this correlation does not hold up.


Claudia CR marked it as to-read Oct 22, It’s pretty unpleasant too, but the scene in the book with the dead eels and the horse’s head, followed by the mother intentionally eating so much fish as to kill herself, made me sicker in the book than they did in the film. But they have to defy the expectations of others.

El tambor de hojalata, vol I

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Extremely hard to believe this has become an international best seller. To view it, click here. Agnes intentionally kills herself by eating fish, so much fish that it kills her, which I didn’t know was possible; this takes place atmbor after a very odd eel and horse head scene that I’m never going to try to explain here. I hate to hate a classic, but this was an extremely difficult book to get through. I couldn’t relate to him one bit.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Time to move on. The eleventh finger that could not read or write but signs for him. He does not end up looking a considerate and kindly person.