Order burner belts and Combustion head spares for Hamworthy and Saacke Burners online from Cochran Spares. Large stocks held for UK delivery. Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Ltd. manufactures and repairs combustion solutions and spares. It offers marine burner systems, such as gas combustion. Buy the Hamworthy Gas Burner Complete (New Type Ref from Direct Heating Spares. DHS Part Number: – Manufacturer.

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Hamworthy Burner Tube

Do you price match? John Zink understands that reformer operations face greater economic and emissions challenges than ever before.

All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment. This service is produced by Kompass. Plants that require smokeless flares where steam is not preferred use John Zink’s state-of-the-art, air-assisted flare systems for cost-effective, smokeless flaring. JZ low and ultra-low emission burners offer practical solutions to these problems with the clean-combustion technologies reformer plants need to maximize production.

Backed by Zink’s extensive experience in the petrochemical industry, their ethylene burner solutions deliver proven performance and peace of mind. Their long partnership with the hydrocarbon processing industry has earned John Zink a reputation as a dedicated problem-solver.

Or fill out the quick and easy contact form on this page. Below you will find just a few products that we can offer. Thermal Oxidizers Proven leaders in thermal oxidation systems. The data we collect is only what is necessary for the proper use of our service. Air-Assisted Flares Cost-effective, smokeless flaring. Their KEU compact heater units deliver high turndown ratios in both indirect and direct-fired applications.


Demountable Flare Structures Maximum flexibility, minimum downtime.

Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Ltd

Heating elements and electrothermal appliance accessories, domestic, electric. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Meeting stringent clean air standards.

If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that namworthy are happy to receive all butner on our website. The LRGO flare is designed with staging and ignition systems to ensure safe, short, smokeless flames are maintained over the full operating range of the flare. Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Ltd. A proven alternative to the catalytic control of NOx emissions for the past two decades, the Rapid Mix Burner cuts both costs and space requirements.

Interested in learning more about John Zink products?

Contact us, we are here to help. Burnfr the needs of their customers with advanced burner technologies that maximize production and protect the environment. Can I collect my order in hamworth Heat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana, Inc. Designs frequently include multiple flares on booms and use a water screen to minimize radiation during high flare rates.

Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy Click on one of the icons to share the company. Vitcom Engineering Ltd Bournemouth Boilers.


John Zink Burners Sales | Louisiana Thermal Oxidizer & Flares Supply

Wessex Ducting Services L Wimborne Heating equipment, industrial, electric. They work both through appointed Licensors for the Claus SRU process and independently, providing complete process design and supply for all the fired equipment in the sulfur recovery unit. Help with expert advice. John Zink can design units to withstand corrosive pollutants if necessary, and also allow for recuperative heat recovery of heat produced in the reactor.

Register Forgot your password? Our customers rate us as Excellent. Go back to Hamworthy Spare Parts. Their air heater and recuperator solutions provide proven performance in extreme environments and tough applications day in and day out. Catalytic Oxidation Reliable solvent mixture cleanup. Proceed To Basket Continue Shopping. Liquid flares eliminate the logistical headaches of shipping, trucking and storage, especially in hard-to-access locations on land, water and in arctic environments.

Their air-assisted flare solutions include: You may also email us at sales hts-la. Airius Europe Ltd Wimborne Air heaters. The thermoreactor includes a reactor casing containing three or more heat exchanger sections.