Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers. Front Cover. Henning Nelms. Courier Corporation, – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda Magic and Showmanship by Henning Nelms Deeper and Deeper by Jonathan Chase Fooling Houdini by Alex Stone Hiding. Documents Similar To Henning Nelms Magic and Showmanship PDF. Dai Vernon – Early Vernon (the Magic of Dai Vernon in ). Uploaded by.

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A great book that details how to get and direct an audience’s attention. It is ne,ms dense read with a lot of theory that makes you think about magic in ways you never had. A reading for the magician interested in the historical aspect of presentation. Mikazuki BookClub rated it it was amazing Sep 24, I was a little puzzled at first but dove right in.

Waters not far behind for the shodmanship reason. I freely admit to never having read it though I did put in showmanahip order last night – I read the dr. Nov 05, Ali Schultz rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I was a kid I had over a half dozen magic books, and that’s the only one I read cover to cover, every single word.

Took me a little w This book actually came as a recommendation from a writing workshop I attended last month. I’m reading it as the latter. In Dodd Vicker’s interview with Jim Callahan on Magic Newswire, Jim mentioned that he was given a copy of Henning Nelms’ book “Magic and Showmanship” when he was young and the book still influences his presentations today.


The Henning Nelms book is great and I too am surprised that it had not yet been mentioned prior to that interview. Iain, it’s been a long time since I watched the film ‘Magic’. Of all the books to overlook, why would that one be at the back of the shelf Return to Book Page.

Also included are some 60 original routines — from simple card tricks to such major illusions as having the performer suddenly appear at stage center. I actually read some too.

The Magic Cafe Forums – The forgotten Henning Nelms

Like theatrical presentations, conjuring is an art of illusion. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Him, Tarbell, Hay Mussey — with those three for a foundation, you cover most of magic and the skill of acting insofar as magic. Thanks for the lead. I kid you not.

Always thought that was wise.

Become a professi The tricks are pretty confusing and don’t really make sense but the theory is just right. I’m an academic sort college teacher by showmajship, would-be carny the rest of the time and always drill my students in whatever they’re learning to “gloss” their text books. Sophie Smith hands me the book and says, if you’re serious about being a performer, you must have this book.

Even when he talks about misdirection — writers showmabship to misdirect.

Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers by Henning Nelms

Since it was published in and is still in print, it’s probably a good book on being a conjurer, for reference or if you want to do it. Nelms’ book is one of the most dog-eared ones on my shelf and is always within easy reach. Nov 20, Sam rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Richard Baker rated it it was ok Dec 02, Devising your magic system where the author cites fantasy literature as much better than most conjurersgiving characters roles an This is a how-to-write book.


David Freeman rated it really liked it Apr 07, Miguel Jaramillo rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Stuart Cumberland Loyal user Posts.

Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers

I can’t recommend it as such, as I read to learn how to write. I thought it might be more philosophical so I was dissappointed. Of particular interest is a chapter on body language, posture, positioning and movement. When I transitioned from magic to mentalism, it was the first book I went back and reviewed.

Great sshowmanship, and extremely well written.

You must engage your audience and make them want to see you. Well, why wouldn’t I be? Jun 12, Mary Catelli rated it it was amazing Shelves: