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Table of Contents Cont’d Operating Modes In some extreme cases, the keypad may need to be reset. Honeywell is not responsible for any loss of personal information files, messages, photos, etc. About the TouchCenter Cont’d Tips for proper memory card handling: Memory Card Insertion 1.

The appearance, function, and location of these icons are described below: Use this picture and the table that follows to become familiar with the TouchCenter security functions. All Partitions partitions within the system can be armed at one time if the user is so authorized.

This option may not be shown for some single partition systems. System Overview Introduction to Your System This system offers you burglary protection and may offer fire, carbon monoxide and emergency protection. Monitoring is accomplished with various contact and motion sensors for perimeter and interior burglary protection, plus the system may have strategically placed smoke, heat, carbon monoxide or combustion detectors.

System Overview Cont’d time to leave through the designated exit door without setting off an alarm. Exit delay begins immediately after entering honrywell arming command, and applies to all modes of arming protection. If programmed, a slow beeping will sound throughout the exit delay period. System Overview Cont’d Note: User Codes Each user must be assigned a name with a corresponding 4-digit user code in order to gain access to various features and functions.

6272CV – Honeywell Talking Color-Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

Security Introduction to Security System Operation You can arm your system in one of three arming modes: Away, Stay, and Night. The following table lists the three different arming modes and the results of each. Press the appropriate arming mode button.

If any zones are bypassed, a Display Faults button will also be displayed on this screen. When prompted, enter the user code authorized to access other partition s. If the user code is accepted, the system displays the partitions that the user joneywell access to. The system is now armed in the selected mode. How to Display Faults The Display Faults function is used when you see a Not Ready Honeywe,l message and want to determine where the fault is and what type of fault it is.

Security Cont’d The following symbols may be displayed on the “Display Faults” screen. Zone in alarm Zone has trouble Zone is faulted Zone has low battery Zone is bypassed How to Bypass Zones The Bypass function is used when you want to arm your system with one or more zones left open. Security Cont’d To bypass zones do the following: The “Arming” screen honetwell displayed. From the “Arming” screen, press the More Choices button. The “More Choices” screen is displayed.


If any zones are bypassed or faulted, a Display Faults button will also be displayed on this screen. Enter your 4-digit user code. Bypassed zones are indicated by the Bypass icon 3. If the system is armed and you unbypass 6272xv zone, it will disarm the system.

If you return and the main burglary sounder is on, DO NOT enter the premises, but call the police from a nearby safe location. If you have a commercial system and a time window has been defined for when you may disarm the system, the system will not disarm if you are outside that time window. To disarm the system when already in the premises: The TouchCenter beeps once and the “Arming” screen is displayed showing the system as Ready to Arm or not ready if any zone is faulted open.

Note that only those partitions authorized programmed by the installer can be accessed in this manner. To check the status of other partitions perform the following: Security Cont’d Fire Alarm Operation Your fire alarm system if installed is on 24 hours a day, providing continuous protection. Contact your Security Company for servicing if you have further problems with your fire system.

All commands shown in Console Emulation mode can also be executed from a standard alpha keypad. The “Keypad” screen is displayed. Perform functions as you would from a regular alpha keypad. How to View the Event Log Your system has the ability to record various events in a history log wherein each event is recorded with the time and date of its occurrence.

Ask your system installer if emergency messages are available on your system. Voice Messages Introduction to Recording and Retrieving Messages The Series devices provide the capability of recording voice messages for others on the premises. The number of messages is not limited; however, the total time of all messages added together cannot exceed seconds.

Voice Messages Cont’d 3. Press the Stop button when you are done recording the message. The message indicator will be flashing and the message will be listed in the message list window. Setup Setup Setup allows you to make changes to the way your TouchCenter is operating. The options that can be changed are: Setup Cont’d Adjust the Brightness You may adjust the brightness settings by pressing your finger on the slide bar associated with the “Brightness” scale and doing the following: To increase the brightness, move the slide bar above the current brightness setting.

To decrease the brightness, move the slide bar below the current brightness setting. Additionally, you may also turn the voice mode on or off.


The operating modes provide the following features: Touch the Voice Mode button to turn the Voice Mode on or off. Once the language is selected, the keypad will revert back to “Home” screen with the selected language applied. Backlight Off Activation Time When the TouchCenter is left idle, it will automatically turn the backlight off after the selected backlight off time has expired unless Select the time period option you want by pressing it.

  ISO 6194-3 PDF

The drop-down list closes automatically and the selection is displayed. Select the time interval you want by pressing it. During these 30 seconds the touch screen should be wiped clean of fingerprints using a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. When the counter reaches zero, the window automatically closes and the touch screen is active. When completed, press either the “Home”, or “Back” button.

After selecting Yes or No, the TouchCenter will revert back to the either Home screen or Display and Audio Setup screen, depending on the selection made Press Yes to reset the button locations. Press No to have the button layout remain in the default locations. Select the time interval that you want to allow between each photo being viewed by touching the Slide Delay arrow and select from the drop-down menu hoenywell, 10, 15, or 20 secs.

Select the type of viewing transition desired by touching the Transition arrow and select from Standard, Horizontal, Vertical or Blind Effects. Setup Cont’d User Setup Each user must be assigned honeeywell name with a corresponding 4-digit user code in order to gain access to various boneywell and functions. The TouchCenter can hold the identity for 10 Users in its memory. Setup Cont’d Access User Setup as follows: From the “Home” screen, press the Setup button. The “Setup” screen is displayed.

Press the System Setup button. The “System Setup” screen is displayed. Touch the box next to Enter User Name. The Enter Data keyboard screen is displayed.

Type in the user name 6 characters max. Touch the box next to Enter User Code. The “User Authorization” screen is displayed with the instructions honeywwll 4 Digits”. Enter the 4-digit User Code for this user.

Honeywell Ademco cv TouchCenter Color Graphic Touch Screen Alarm Keypad | eBay

Press the Save button. The system will save the configuration. How to Delete a User Delete a User as follows: Press the appropriate button. The User Setup screen is displayed. How to Edit a User Note: To modify a User name or User number, you must delete the User and re-enter User.

Select the options needed for this user and press the SAVE button. The configuration changes are saved and you are returned to the User Setup honfywell. Safe Mode In the rare event that the TouchCenter cannot successfully communicate in its graphic mode with the control panel, the Safe Mode is a backup mode that ensures that you can communicate with your system.

Setup Cont’d Note that this is a limited mode of operation. While in this mode: