Read Allama Iqbal Books in Urdu, Roman Urdu & English Translations. Search & (Armaghan-e-Hijaz) Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura () The Devil’s Conference. Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura (English: The Parliament of Satan) is an Urdu poem written by Muhammad Iqbal in It describes the meeting of the Devil and his . In Urdu: Arumghan-e-Hejaz This is one of Allama Iqbal’s final works. Sort of his last opinion on the world. Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shura (The Devil?s.

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Member feedback about Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura: Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura English: Quran is not as simple as you and I make it out to be.

How amazing is that Iqbal knew the future of socialism 40 years before its death, he was a real scholar of islaam. Kanwal Urrdu 1 Dr. This is no doubt a beautiful poem by Dr. This is the ultimate goal ov r worst enemy His five advisers then discuss certain threats they conceive to the Devil’s plans, which were explained as various aspects of the Western society such as capitalismthe rise of democracy and on the other ,ajlis-e-shura socialism.


Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura – The Parliament of Satan

Its not amazing not awesome its a message to all Pakistani’s All Muslims of the word bout a great plan of anti muslim powers to rule as as the did, let observe deeply what Iqbal said. Mostly about the Great Book Quran, and related things.

He completes the poem by speculating on a final threat, which he sees as most critical, the resurgence of Islam. They were literally touched with the creative element of fire and both left their names behind as legendary figures of inspiration and intelligence.

Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura – The Parliament of Satan | Pakistan’s Voice

Iqbal Urdu Blog 30 July at Also he is disgusted of those Muslims and Mullahs who are adopting the western way of life and trying to fit Islam into a western way of life. I broke the spell of the Mosque, the Temple and the Church. Hello who are you We do learn a lot but do not feel delighted.

The poem is written as a meeting between Iblees the first of the Devilsor Satans in Islam and his five advisers. However the verses in which Allama Iqbal talk about Mullahs etc is referring to those Mullahs and to those Muslims who believe that Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Zakat is the only thing that is part of Islamic Shariah.


iblis ki majlis-e-shura – Allama Iqbal

Member feedback about in poetry: Unknown December 15, at 9: Links to nations or nationalities point to articles with information on that nation’s poetry or literature. Anonymous 20 July at Unknown 23 November at Anonymous September 29, at 1: Moinuddin Aqeel 1 Dr.

But he lived in Lahore for the rest of his practical life, that’s why is is iiblees “Iqbal Lahori”. Anonymous May 1, at 1: Abdul Haq reading his article on Iqbal https: Dont care about “Fatwa-baaz” just keep doing your work Israr Ahmed on youtube. Iqbal and his Poetry. Baazgasht Mag 13 March at Love you for doing this great favour.

This is a great poem which touching hearts and more learn about knowledge. Safdar Mahmood 1 Dr. Anonymous 21 July at