Inmarsat confidential. IsatHub (Q3 ). Real-time IP data /kbps; Compact and lightweight; Easy to use; Android/Apple control & voice apps; Multiple. Inmarsat confidential. Inmarsat – The Mobile Satellite Company. Powering Global Connectivity. Inmarsat and global aviation safety. May By Christian. Inmarsat confidential. • Broadband, Voice and M2M. • I-4 satellites in service. • $ billion investment. • AlphaSat extension in • % network availability .

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Further successful trials of GX aviation equipment and network capabilities were conducted, including streaming videos and live radio, online conference calls, and downloading files. Launch preparations will recommence this week. Interest on Convertible Bonds. Taxation We operate in a number of jurisdictions around the world and from time to time have disputes on the amount of tax due. However, the inherent uncertainty regarding the outcome of these means eventual realisation could differ from the accounting estimates and therefore impact the Group’s results and cash flows.

Cyber Security Our networks, and those of our distribution partners, may be vulnerable to security risks. Except as described below, the condensed consolidated financial statements are based upon accounting policies and methods consistent with those in the Group’s annual consolidated financial statements prepared under IFRS, set out on pages 88 to With the search for surface debris winding down, the mystery of MH is looking more impenetrable by the moment.

It would be nice if Inmarsat would throw open its spreadsheets and help resolve the issue right now, but that could be too much to expect.

The Group aims to deliver dividend growth which reflects the expected sustainable long-term growth trajectory of the business.

Considerations on defining the search area – MH370

Indirect evidence is that our counter measures have been effective given the experience gained in previous cyber events. The Group has a robust and resilient business model, strong free cash flow generation and is contidential with all covenants. Our ability to serve concentrated levels of traffic is limited by the capacity of our satellites and our ability to move capacity around our network. Total current tax expense.

International Mobile Satellite Organization > LRIT

While almost all of our revenues are denominated in US Dollars, a substantial portion of our operating expenses and, from time to time, a small proportion of our capital expenditures are denominated in currencies other than the US Dollar. Burst Frequency Offset BFO The BFO is the measure of the difference between the expected frequency of the transmission and the frequency received at the ground station.

We rely on radio spectrum to provide our services. Over-water aircraft accident locations are usually found by conducting a broad-area aerial search. We believe that the current restrictions in place do not affect this planned launch, but there is a risk that further erosion in the Ukraine situation or a broadening of Russian trading restrictions could cause unspecified launch delays and delay global coverage of our Global Xpress services, which could adversely affect our revenues, profitability and results of operations.


In a number of countries we also see local currency weakness putting downward pressure on the market for satellite services. Validation Several teams independently provided both satellite communications and performance analysis as part of the validation process. As the beacons have a limited duration of nominally 30 days and to minimise the inaccuracies of the reverse-drift calculations, it is important that an aerial search is commenced as soon as possible and the floating debris is found quickly.

Development of our aircraft cabin connectivity opportunities, both in Europe with our European Aviation Network, and globally with GX, is moving forward rapidly, and we are close to finalising several major airline contracts, as well as development agreements for rolling out the S-band satellite and complementary ground networks in Europe and delivering the cabin connectivity service. The following is a discussion of the unaudited consolidated results of operations and financial condition of Inmarsat plc the “Company” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group” for the half year ended 30 June There is only one published north-south air route in the south-eastern Indian Ocean.

Cash and cash equivalents. These balances are shown net of unamortised deferred finance costs, which have been allocated as follows: Aircraft Performance Calculations Estimates of fuel consumption were calculated from the time of the last recorded fuel quantity, using a range of flight paths and speeds.

It is likely that we will continue to face increasing competition from other network operators in some or all of our confiidential sectors in the future, particularly from existing mobile satellite network operators; there is also a risk that new technologies introduced by our competitors may reduce confidental for our services or render our technologies obsolete.

These five business units are supported by “Central Services” which includes satellite operations and backbone infrastructure, corporate administrative costs, and inmarst other income that is not directly attributable to the individual business units. Trade and other payables.

BGAN Link – Inmarsat

Financing and foreign exchange risk We have a significant amount of debt and may incur substantial additional debt in the future. The search is a complex operation that involves vast areas with only limited data and aircraft flight information available. This revenue was not recognised in the second quarter.

Something Nobody seems to give much thought too is the claim MH dropped to 5,ft and flew west through the Straits of Malacca is physically impossible within the timeframe available, just 39 minutes. Development of the GX equipment range continues, with new terminals from Honeywell, Cobham and Paradigm approved during the second quarter. Interest paid on borrowings.


Slate: Why Inmarsat’s MH Report is a Smokescreen – Jeff Wise

In addition, in the future we may be faced with higher costs to acquire and retain spectrum. Dividends The Group aims to deliver dividend growth which reflects the expected sustainable long-term growth trajectory of the business.

More the so since to carry out their failed third objective of crashing in our area MH needs to be parked in airfields in neighbouring countries or in India itself near to our area close to the southern tip of India and not far away in Africa or Australia.

Air route M connects Cocos Island to Perth and has four waypoints. Whilst these would not affect any cash outflow to the Group, they would have an adverse effect on our results of operations. By taking the maximum speed of the aircraft into account, the rings can be reduced in length to arcs — there are some areas of the rings it simply could not have reached. There are no non-recurring fair value measurements. Wholesale MSS revenue grew by 4.

MH could not have flown this route in the time prescribed at kt TAS at altitudes less than 32,ft and in that case would have been high enough for half a dozen radar stations to spot it.

We have declared an interim dividend of Following these reviews the Proton vehicle is now scheduled to return to flight in late August, carrying our I-5 F3 satellite. Half year ended 30 June.

Net cash used in financing activities. At beginning of the period.

At 30 Junethere were a total of , 30 June Such congestion on a sustained basis could damage our reputation for service availability and harm our results from operations. Three months ended 30 June. Revenue in the US was more resilient, with a slower rate of decline than in recent quarters across a range of product areas, including some aviation-based services, capacity leases, network services and some terminal equipment.

If the plane was presumed to have traveled to the south at a steady knots, for instance, then Inmarsat could trace a curving route that wound up deep in the Indian Ocean southwest of Perth, Australia.