“The quilt” (“lihaaf” in urdu) is one of her famous short stories Lihaf: Translated from Urdu, a story by Ismat Chughtai. Whenever I get under my. URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai. Sham Ki Barish (Rain of the Evening) an Urdu novelette based on love story. Lihaf A Beautiful Urdu Short Story By Ismat chughtai. لحاف. You might also like: حوا کی بیٹی تماشہ نہیں Hawa ki Beti Tamasha Nahi Hai A.

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Well, what can one say to this kind of story written in the society which did not permit women to write! To hell with it. I tried very hard to keep lying quietly, but was very frightened of the shadows the quilt was making on the wall across. I wanted to run away. I threw the quilt over my face and fast fell asleep.


Lihaaf – Wikipedia

She started to laugh hard. I never saw her hair part not-straight…not one hair-strand out of place. But I was helpless and trapped. It was only her itch that mattered to her. She turned to books for solace but found nothing there. Anonymous February 19, at 7: She was like a woman possessed.

Is it possible for someone to post an English transliteration of this novel? I was even more scared. My own brothers and their god-forsaken pathetic lihar. Hopefully you will like our work.

Mohsin Maghiana 1 Dr. I read this story the moment I knew it sued Ismat for obscenity.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf

But to live was her fate. Ahmad Safi 3 Dr. Her outspoken and controversial style of writing made her the passionate voice for the unheard, and she has become an inspiration for the younger generation of writers, readers and intellectuals.

This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Begum Jan had done so much for imsat The question was where should I sleep? I expanded my nostrils and tried to smell food. To Decant or not to Decant? Begum Jan must be forty-forty two when I first saw her.


Ever since she married and came to this house, his relatives would drop-in and stay for months. I am very superstitious.

URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai

Your mother had left it for you. Life is a Package Deal.

Retrieved from ” https: But it is soon revealed that it is because his interests lie in the other gender. What do you like? Mohammad Habib Sadiq July 24, at 1: