Pride Mobility Jazzy Power Wheelchair is in Like New Condition and was only used for 1 Month! This Jazzy Power Chair features a 20 x 20 seat. Mid wheel drive power electric wheelchair.• Low center of gravity design.• 12&; knobby drive wheels. • Speed range adjustable up to mph.• On- board. Items 1 – 71 of 71 Order the Jazzy Parts from Monster Scooter Parts, and know you 9″x3″ ( /) Wheel Assembly for the Jazzy Power Chair, t.

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Pride Mobility Jazzy Air. Navigate Reviews – Review Categories Map. I am a 1134 active young woman and travel a to and from 11443. Other products by Pride Mobility. Has a turning radius of Very annoying being passed by everything. Mid wheel drive power electric wheelchair.

Extremely slow and difficult to control. Had I known about the slowness and wandering I would have kept looking for my first power wheelchair. Within the first two months, the charger failed.

Michele is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product. The chair has a range up to 25 miles.

I had to pay for the seat to be customized in leather because the seams kept ripping and the warranty ran out. Jazzj I was pleased and did not have any problems until about three years sadly, pretty typical of all electric wheelchairs.


Finally, the seat clamp is not well made and my chair wobbles back and forth. In comparison – my Legend exceeds factory top speed; most likely because of my lite weight.

I am less than pounds but Jzazy could not keep up with very heavy people; so weight is not the problem. Similar products Mid Wheel Drive Wheelchairs. Guardian Aspire full and mini models. Pride Mobility Jazzy It is not in use right now, but is only a spare wheelchair if and when my older Legend wheelchair fails. All I could do, after replacing the batteries twice by the second year, was to have a different type hazzy battery installed that had a longer life.

Tried this action in reverse and succeeded in flipping the chair over backwards. So I bought another in and have regretted it ever since. Overall the Jazzy is a very durable and very easy chair to use and maintain. Chris is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product. Leslie from Flushing NY submitted this review on May 3rd at I use the chair quite a bit where ever I go an it is strong enough an have no Problems getting to where I want to go, including across lawns.

I purchased my first model for college in This chair has been very dependable.


Jazzy 1143

I highly recommend this chair. Have had lower-centered power chairs leave me in their dust.

Chris from Santa Cruz,CA. Too jerky and too slow to use full time anymore.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Replacement Battery SP

This was my first power wheelchair, my second was an older Legend good review and much faster. The ride was marginally rougher.

The batteries will just give up within a short period of time Since getting my second power wheelchair; the Jazzy is residing in my shower, and very dependently moves into the hall when I shower without fail and back jxzzy when I am through. This is my second I purchased.

Leslie is an end user who has six months to a year of experience with the product. No headlights, no taillights, no turn signal, no horn. Then the joystick quit working within 11 months of owning the chair. I have to replace the batteries about every four months.

I have a light weight and I get scared using it because I have a 3 year ols on the jazzy it has a seatbelt and I love that I can buckle us both in for safety.