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Long on the forefront of new medical knowledge Dr. Shinya is credited with pioneering colonoscopic surgery without the need for incision. This technique is named the Shinya technique for his contribution. Detalhes do produto Formato: Habilitado Leitor de tela: Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item Lista de mais vendidos da Amazon: Hiromi Shinya changed the world with the Shinya Technique for removing polyps through an endoscopy instead of invasive abdominal surgery.

Shinya’s discovery of the body’s fkrma “miracle” enzyme could once again revolutionize health care in America. Prodigioza, vital health is within your grasp once you understand the key to life’s code – the enzyme factor. This first English-language publication of Dr Shinya’s groundbreaking theory will convince the skeptical and add to the growing debate about the state of nutrition and health care. Leia mais Leia menos.

Enfermxr Enzyme Factor 2: The Microbe Factor English Edition.

Healing Waters English Edition. A resident of New York City, Dr. Hiromi Shinya leads the gastroenterologist world with new medical findings and techniques. La enzima prodigiosa La enzima prodigiosa 1: Una forma de vida sin enfermar Spanish Edition. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Once again, we have a health book written by a gentleman in his 80’s who is still enjoying excellent health. I think this is where we’d all like to be at his age: Rather than taking advice from relatively young people who feel pretty good while eating carcasses all day and having no idea what lies ahead in their next forty years, it makes more sense to follow the ideas of older people who continue to enjoy good health.

Hiromi Shinya

To make this author’s advice even more compelling, pprodigiosa is a gastroenterologist who has examined the colons of hundreds of thousands of people and compared their health with their diets. Having read enrermar a hundred health books in my life, I uja a lot of new insight in The Enzyme Factor. Shinya says that he has used a colonoscope to study the intestines of chimps and found almost no difference between their digestive system and those of humans.


He makes the argument that all disease begins in the colon, and does a fairly good job of explaining why. He also repeatedly stresses the importance of eating foods that are “alive,” foods that contain natural enzymes fruit and vegetables.

And by meat, he means white fish and seafood. He is a big fan of fruit, though, so I simply replaced the grains with fruit. I found it rather surprising that envermar gastroenterologist was unaware of the link between grain fiber and digestive disorders.

Still, I found quite a bit of good advice here. Much of what I read in this book were the author’s own suspicions and conjectures. Some reviewers had a problem with that, because for some people, something that has not been scientifically proven cannot possibly be true. In my opinion, this is foolish thinking.

Did gravity not exist until Isaac Newton wrote down the equation? Shinya suspects that there is an enzyme pool in the body from which it can draw and sometimes even create the enzymes it needs for any function. Simply by using digestive enzymes and eating ed rich in enzymes, we can make our bodies’ jobs easier. If this conjecture appears to be the case, emzima someone who has been studying the subject for more than fifty years, we should be willing to listen.

Who cares if it hasn’t been proven yet? Some of Einstein’s conjectures weren’t proven until the ‘s. Highly intelligent people can see the truth before science validates it on ua. Shinya’s intelligent perspective are worth the price of this book. I’m not sure the book has an appropriate title, though. If you’re looking for a lot of deep talk about all the thousands of human enzymes and what they do in the body, you’ll have to look elsewhere. He does not discuss specific enzymes.

He simply says get as many enzymes from raw whole foods as possible and let your body do the rest. Don’t clog up your intestines with too much meat and dairy. Eat a whole foods, forrma vegetarian diet. The diet plan is sensible and it will indeed keep your colon clean. Keeping your colon clean ina help you live into your eighties as the author has done.

Audiobooks written by Hiromi Shinya |

I didn’t find anything controversial here, but I did find a lot of insight and sensible advice. I hope this review helped you decide whether or not this book will interest you. While there is much in the way of theory and conjecture in this book, it IS coming from a most reputable source.

The fact that Dr. I have had two colonoscopies, and no one ever asked the first word about my diet. I learned of Dr. Shinya from colonoscopy videos that popped up in youtube with some GI topic I was looking at. Not for the faint, but if you’re not grossed out, his videos of ejzima insides of colons are very compelling to eat right.


As a GI nurse, Enzimz was fascinated with them. Based on his observations, Dr. Shinya recommends a plant based diet, shuns dairy, and believes homogenized milk is a toxic substance I don’t think I’m overstating his opinion.

In addition to a vegetarian diet, the doctor recommends drinking a enfeermar of glasses of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, for cleansing.

He drinks Kangen water, but I haven’t made that leap yet.

The Enzyme Factor

He also suggests occasionally having an early dinner and late breakfast, giving yourself a 16 hour fast, as an easy way to give your body a small cleansing fast. I can do that. There are more tips for staying healthy; he states he hasn’t had a health problem since he was 19 years old, so again–I’m all ears. I take the studies funded by pharmaceutical companies with a large grain of salt; I’m more interested in hearing what healthy people living long lives are doing. This is a book by a true pioneer and authority on the subject, who has led a long and productive life and is still going strong physically and mentally.

I am grateful he is sharing his knowledge to all of us who can’t see him for an office visit. I own Kangen water These books changed my life! I own Kangen water machine and corrected serious health issues that I had – thank you!!!

Probably the most informative book regarding health and wellness I’ve ever read. Not only are many health benefits regarding diet revealed but also a significant history of patients results are mentioned.

My goal is to implement many if not all dietary recommendations provided. I can already speak to the benefits of Kangen water as I have been consuming it daily almost two years now and have never felt better! I am 58 looking to many more healthy years, God willing.

This appears to be a very profound book by a very experienced, though unorthodox doctor. His resume is superb; I can’t believe this is just some kind of scam.

He is much better known in Japan. Thoroughly rational, and has plenty of medical experience to back it up. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. Visualizar froma modificar seus pedidos em sua conta.