Er fasste seine “Erkenntnisse” im sogenannten “Leuchter-Report” zusammen, den der ehemalige NPD-Vorsitzende Günter Deckert ins Deutsche übersetzt hat. Dies änderte sich , als Fred A. Leuchter, ein US-Fachmann für Hinrichtungseinrichtungen, vom Deutsch-Kanadier Ernst Zündel gebeten wurde, nach Polen. Dachau camp for the “Second Leuchter Report”; Fred A. Leuchter and a prison guard at the . A Brief History of the Alleged German Execution Gas. Chambers.

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Search the history of luechter billion web pages on the Leuchyer. L Copyright Samisdat Publishers Ltd. The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, leucther consultant in the United States for the design, construction edutsch maintenance of execution gas chambers, the Report sets out the methodology and findings of the first forensic investigation of the actual sites in Poland where the gassings are alleged to have occurred.

Leuchter’s conclusion, after inspecting the sites and having samples analyzed by a competent laboratory, taken from the walls and floors for total cyanide content, was unambiguous: David Irving, the distinguished British historian, has called the Repot Report a “shattering” document which was instrumental in hardening his belief that the whole of the Holocaust mythology was now open to doubt. It is a document which “Holocaust” historians can ignore only at the peril to their reputations as objective scholars.

After the Leuchter Report, the allegations of genocide perpetrated by the Germans against the Jews, using gas chambers as the murder instrumentcan no longer be upheld. Leuchter, 45, is an engineer living in Boston, Massachusetts, who specialized in the design of execution hardware used in prisons throughout the United States.

One of his major projects was the design of a new gas chamber at the Missouri State Penitentiary at Jefferson City. In Leuhcter of1 was in Toronto, Canada, assisting in the defense of Mr. Ernst Zundel had been previously tried on the same charge in Leuchtwr trial lasted seven weeks and ended with a conviction and a sentence of fifteen months imprisonment.

In Januarythe Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the judgment because of grave errors in law and ordered that a new trial be held. The retrial began on January 18, and at the time of this writing is still proceeding. My initial conversations with Fred Leuchter took place in Boston on the 3rd and 4th of February, He confirmed to me the particularly dangerous nature of an execution by hydrocyanic gas.

Executions using this gas were carried out for the first time in the United States inbut as late as major difficulties still existed in the construction of execution gas chambers, including the problem of leakage. I noticed that Fred Leuchter did not question the standard notion of the Holocaust. Zundel decided to ask the latter to prepare an expert opinion on the alleged gas leucjter at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek.

Leuchter accepted the assignment after a weekend in Toronto reviewing wartime aerial photographs of the camps, plans of the crematoriums and alleged re;ort chambers, documents on Zyklon B and re;ort taken of the deutssch in the ‘s by the Swedish researcher Ditlieb Felderer.

On February 25,Mr. They returned eight days later on March 3rd. Upon return, Fred Leuchter wrote his report of pages including appendices. His conclusions were clear: On the 20th and 21st of April,he stood reutsch the witness stand in Toronto. At first, he replied to the questions put to him by Mr. Zundel’s defense lawyerDouglas H. Christie, the latter assisted by Keltie Zubko and Barbara Kulaszka. Leuchter then faced cross-examination by the Crown Prosecutor, John Pearson, an official who had been assisted throughout the trial by another Crown Attorney, a law clerk and frequent consultations with Jewish advisors sitting immediately behind him in the courtroom.

The examination and cross-examination took place in the presence of a judge and an eleven-member jury.

In the courtroom, the atmosphere was one of extreme tension. I was sitting beside a number of Revisionist experts, including Dr.


leuchter report pdf deutsch free – PDF Files

William Lindsey, chief research chemist for Dupont Corporation before his retirement in Everyone in the courtroom, regardless of their own personal viewpoints on the topic under examination, were acutely aware, I think, of participating in a historical event. The myth of the gas chambers was deutsfh.

The previous day, the director of the Missouri State Penitentiary, Repport Armontrout, had given testimony explaining the procedures and practical operation of a cyanide gas chamber.

For every attentive listener it was revealed that if it was so difficult to execute a single person in this manner, then the alleged execution of hundreds lsuchter thousands of persons by the Germans using Zyklon B would equal the problem of trying to square the circle. Following Fred Leuchter on the witness stand came Dr.

Roth reported on the analysis of samples taken from the walls, floors, ceilings and other structures inside the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz I and Birkenau.

These tests revealed either no detection of traces of cyanide or extremely low levels. The only exception was the control sample number 32 taken from Delousing Facility Number 1 at Birkenau. These results were graphically produced in Appendix I of the Report and displayed to the jury on an overhead projector, the difference in detected cyanide between the delousing facility on one hand and the alleged gas chambers on the other, was spectacular.

The extremely low levels of cyanide found in some crematoria was likely, in my opinion, to have resulted from disinfection of the premises during the war. I think I was the first to point out that all studies of the alleged German execution gas chambers using Zyklon B should commence with a study of the American execution gas chambers. As early aswith the help of an American friend, Eugene C.

Brugger, a lawyer in New York City, I began an inquiry into this area. I was forced to conclude at that time that only an expert in American gas chamber technology could finally determine whether the alleged German execution gas chambers were capable of having been used as described in Holocaust literature.

During the next several years, my articles on German gas chambers always referred to the American gas chambers. These articles included “the Rumor of Auschwitz or the Gas Chamber Problem”, published on the 29th of December, in a French daily newspaper, Le Monde, and a long interview published in August, in the Italian periodical Storia lllustrata.

I visited the gas chamber in Baltimore, Maryland in September, and obtained eight photographs of the chamber and additional documentation. Inin the first issue of the newly-created Journal of Historical review, I published an article entitled lfuchter Mechanics of Gassing”, in which I described in some detail the gas chamber procedures used in the United States.

My video entitled “The Gas Chamber Problem”, made inbegan with an analysis of the American gas chambers. In1 prepared for the Institute for Historical Review, Los Angeles, a book in English on the Holocaust controversy which was to include, for the first time, a list of the questions put to the penitentiary wardens and their answers.

The book, however, was never published: This fire, for all intents and purposes, destroyed the financial viability of the Institute and a number of projects, including that of my book, were deutch. The Holocaust has appeared to be a subject of enormous proportion. But this “giant”, as Dr. To see the feet of clay, one need only go to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland. In the words of Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, “the extermination thesis stands or falls with the allegation that Auschwitz was deutsxh ‘death factory’.

These square metres should have been forensically examined immediately after the war by the Allies, but no such examination was ever carried out then or since. The Polish examining magistrate, Jan Sehn, ordered some forensic examinations at Auschwitz but not of the alleged execution gas chambers themselves.

Research by revisionists has shown that the repoft alleged to have been execution gas chambers could not have been used for such a purpose. Ditlieb Felderer published photographs indicating the flimsy construction of vents and doors to the gas chambers and the lack of Prussian blue stains on the walls.


I myself had discovered in in the archives of the Auschwitz State Museum archives which are well- guarded by the Communist officials the plans of these alleged gas chambers and was the first to publish them in various books and articles. These plans were also shown at the first convention of the Institute for Historical Review in Los Angeles inwhen Mr. In reality, these alleged gas chambers had been mortuaries or, as indicated on the plans, “Leichenhalle” for Krema I later transformed into an air-raid shelter and “Leichenkeller” for Krema II.

Close up ol” roof vents Nevertheless, in order to obtain an entirely scientific confirmation of what simple common sense compelled us to see and what revisionist research work and documents had revealed, it was necessary to look for an American gas chamber specialist. I desperately tried to find such a specialist, but frankly, I had little hope of finding a man who was not only an expert in gas chamber technology, but also one courageous enough to carry out such an investigation in a Communist country and to publish the results if ever they confirmed revisionist conclusions.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Fred Leuchter was this specialist. He went to Poland, conducted the forensic examination, wrote his report and testified in deutsxh Canadian court on behalf of Mr. In so doing, he has quietly entered history.

Der Erste Leuchter Report

Fred Leuchter is a modest but quietly determined man who speaks precisely. He would be an excellent professor and has the real gift of making people understand the intricacies of any difficult problem. When I asked him whether or not he was afraid of any dangerous consequences, he replied, “A fact is a fact.

Without Ernst Zundel, almost nothing of what has now transpired would have been conceivable. He sacrifices everything in his search for historical accuracy and lives under difficult conditions, facing influential and powerful enemies.

The pressure on him is permanent and takes lejchter most unexpected and deutscy, the most vicious forms.

But he has a strong personality and charisma. He knows how to analyze any given situation, to evaluate the ratio of forces, to turn adversity into advantage. From all parts of the world he attracts and mobilizes competent people. He is a profound man, a genius who combines common sense with a keen understanding of people and situations.

He may once again go to prison for his research and beliefs or be threatened with deportation. All this is possible. Anything may happen when there is an intellectual crisis and a realignment of historical concepts of such a dimension. Revisionism is the great intellectual adventure at the end of this century.

Whatever happens, Ernst Zundel is already the victor. He is the pacifist-activist who has achieved this victory through the powers of reason and persuasion. Robert Faurisson April 23, Toronto P.

Ernst Zundel was found guilty by the jury on May repirt, of knowingly spreading false news about the Holocaust.

He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment and was granted bail after signing a gag order, promising not to write or speak about the “Holocaust” until the end of his appeal proceedings. He thus joined Galileo.

The Supreme Court of Canada, on August 27,overturned the conviction of Ernst Zundel and declared the law under which he was dragged through the lwuchter of Canada for nine years as unconstitutional.

Canada has refused to apologize to Ernst Zundel for his ordeal, and has turned down his request for compensation for his legal costs etc. Robert Faurisson for Mr. Ernst Zundel and asked to consider an assignment to investigate and forensically evaluate the extant crematoria and alleged execution gas chambers operated by the Nazis in Poland and to render an engineering opinion as to their feasibility and efficacy.