Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Making a Transistor Radio [G.C. Dobbs, B.H. Robinson] on Hardcover: 52 pages; Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd (January 27, ); Language. Making a Transistor Radio – Ladybird Book. Making a Transistor Radio Book Cover. Making a transistor radio is a book written by G.C. Dobbs, with illustrations .

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If you were introduced to electronics by this book, let us know in the comments. I miss woolworths, I remember dying just a little when they all closed down. One end is marked either with a red band or a H sign, and this side goes to the positive side of the circuit.

Not all the screws are used in building the first part of the radio; the additional screws are needed later as the radio is completed. Two more screwcups are added at the end of the board to connect the output leads to the loudspeaker, using two small crocodile clips. Loudspeakers can have very large cones, but a smaller cone speaker with a diameter of 3 inches is ideal for our purpose.

Fasten one end to the board with a screw- and screwcup, taking another lead from this screwcup. Many symbols are used in circuit diagrams and we will learn them as we meet them in the course of our construction. The most useful tool for this is a pair of pointed -nose pliers.

Remove the diode from the crystal set and screw’ the w-ires in its place. The transistor and transformer usually survive, providing you’re just using a small PP3 battery. The connections of the transistor are im- portant. InI think I assumed the boys in the UK did wear white shirts and ties. Softwood is used for the base. The setting of the reaction trimmer is, as stated in the book, a little tricky but neither of these phenomena stop the radio being usable, especially if you prefer one station.


The battery is the small transistor radio type PP3, for which can be obtained an inexpensive snap connector. You will also have shared the thrill of thousands of other radio construc- tors, listening to sounds coming from a radio receiver which is your ow n work. Adding a transistor GC7t transistor – Alternatives: This frequency, which is imposed on the carrier wave, is known as an audio frequency, ft is this electro-magnetic audio frequency that a radio receiver translates into sound via the loudspeaker.

Sometimes this is not obvious, but follow the circuit and layout diagrams with care to avoid mistakes. Two smart plastic pointer knobs and a tuning scale complete the front panel. We did, but only to transistot.

The book is now in the loft, rather shabby and written on, in my childish scrawl. Later I got the Radio Shack in-1 electronics lab, and with gook radio in that kit I was able to pick up the stations in Sacramento. Notify me of transistod comments via email. The reader is introduced to these, and the tools the might have to master, before being shown the measurements for the board.

Unfortunately the loudspeaker cannot directly replace the earpiece because its resistance is much lower than that of the earpiece, so it has to be matched into the circuit with a transformer. All are obtainable from your local iron- monger. Don’t try to use plywood, MDF, rzdio piece of solid oak ladybbird Grandad’s wood shed or any other hardwood type substance as the baseboard.

A tuned circuit consists of a coil of wire and a tuning capacitor. Everything you should know is explained simply and illustrated dearly, and you will have the pleasure of constructing something marvellous that really works.

A transistor can be damaged unless the correct leads are used when connecting lzdybird into a circuit.

Books You Should Read: Making A Transistor Radio | Hackaday

I get powerful memories, looking at those pictures above, of happy days starting to learn electronics through building crystal sets. My brother and I got large reels of enamelled copper wire to string out to the trees in the garden for aerials. Not realising that in this design, the ‘improved’ transistor parameters could leave the target audience in heaps of trouble. With this book you will learn, stage by stage, how to build more than one simple receiver.


This was actually the first technical book I bought for myself.

It would need more screwcups and perhaps smaller, no. The wire should be fastened onto a large screw eye or hook.

Interestingly, there is a spare screwcup position just where these parts are required. The choke acts like a resistance to radio-frequency waves. The little tubes are filled with a carbon composition, and the coloured bands give the Value of the resistor. Next the tuned circuit can be completed by the addi- tion of the tuning capacitor.

Recently I was bought some Ladybird books for my birthday. The air spaced capacitor supplied will need some different mounting scheme but they have a decent length of shaft and they are easier to tune with, requiring less turning force. The centre tag is joined to a movable contact which slides over the track when the shaft is rotated. I still have this book stored away.

Follow the drawing carefully, adding one component at a time and checking its position on the ritxuii diagram. The selectivity is very good indeed, though the whole set is rather ‘live’ and detunes a little when you move it or the short wire antenna.

Beyond that, we’re probably talking superheterodyne designs with IFTs wound on biro plastic.


This booj be done with the help of a diagram showing how the components are joined. I got this book which I still have, and now show to my university students when I my family spent my Grade 3 year in Scotland in It consists of two plates which arc separated by insulating material; the circuit symbol shows this. Every school day… I can still tie my tie asleep, hungover, you name it.